Unlock Your Purpose and Fulfillment - A Journey of Self-Discovery and Reinvention for Professionals in their 40s

Starting in February, I will work with two accomplished professionals in their 40s who are feeling a sense of emptiness, questioning the meaning and purpose of their existence

If this is you, working with me one-on-one in the next six months, you will…

Transform Your Identity: Unleash the Power of Radical Reinvention - Define, Describe, and Become the New You

Experience a renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment. Transform your identity through a 6-month one-on-one coaching program with me. Learn to unleash the power of radical reinvention. Define, describe, and become the new you. Have a clear vision of who you want to be, what you want to achieve, and a plan to make it happen. Feel confident, motivated, and excited to live life on your own terms.

Unlock Your True Potential: Achieving Purpose, Fulfillment, Meaning, Happiness, and Ease

Unlock your true potential. Identify your strengths and passions. Develop a clear understanding of what truly matters to you. Live a life that aligns with your values and purpose. Feel fulfilled and at ease with yourself and the world with a fully restored sense of self-worth and confidence.

My VIP Level Support: 6-Month One-on-One Coaching with Unlimited Calls

Only for the two individuals who will start working with me in February, I’m giving you access to UNLIMITED coaching calls on top of our weekly scheduled sessions. That’s right, with a special scheduling link I’ll give you, you can book me as often as you want – 5 times a week if you like – for the six months we will be working together. This bonus alone is worth $10,000, but it’s all yours if you are one of the two people I will work with starting in February!

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! This generous bonus may never be available again as I move towards being fully booked and capacity becomes limited. Act fast to secure one of the two spots and access this exclusive offer.

My VIP Level Guarantee

You will see real results, or I’ll make it right. My confidence in my ability to help you achieve your goals is unwavering, and I’m willing to stand behind my promise.

Here’s how:

If at the end of our work together, you don’t see the results you came for, I’ll continue working with you for free until you do.

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If what you read above speaks to you, click the button below to schedule a consultation call with me now. In 60 min or less, we will find out if we are a good fit.

The above offer is available until Tuesday, January 31st. The next chance to work with me will be in March at the earliest.

"Immediate Upgrades" Bonuses

Note: These bonuses are only accessible through this promotion. Some of the bonuses may not be available again, so if you’re interested, it’s best to access them through this offer now.

Bonus #1 - How to Dissolve Your Subconscious Blocks and Limiting Beliefs: Unleash Your Full Potential

Imagine feeling energized and fulfilled, confidently pursuing your passions and reaching new heights in your career and personal life. You’ve dissolved the subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs that held you back, unlocking your full potential and finding purpose in your life.

($5,000 Value)

Bonus #2 - How to Release Past Hurts and Embrace Healing: Let go of Pain, Shame, Guilt, and Regrets

Discover a new sense of freedom and peace, as you release past hurts and embrace healing. You’ve let go of pain, shame, guilt, and regrets that held you back, allowing you to move forward with an open heart and renewed spirit.

($1000 Value)

Bonus #3 - How to Overcome Future Anxieties and Embrace Confidence: Mastering the Art of Letting Go

Imagine feeling calm, confident and in control of your future, as you overcome anxieties and embrace confidence. You’ve mastered the art of letting go, allowing you to fully enjoy the present and trust in your abilities to shape your future.

($500 Value)

Bonus #4 - How to Find Inner Peace in Minutes: Moving from Resistance to Tranquility Regardless of Your Circumstances

Experience a sense of inner peace in just minutes, regardless of your circumstances. Learn to move from resistance to tranquility, approach life with a clear and centered mind, feeling calm and contented, as you find inner peace in the present moment.

($500 Value)

Bonus #5 - How to Eradicate Self-Doubt in 37 Minutes: A Practical Guide to Building Confidence and Trust in Yourself

Experience a newfound sense of confidence and trust in yourself, as you eradicate self-doubt in just 37 minutes. Overcome your inner critic, and feel capable and worthy to tackle your goals with ease.

($200 Value)

Bonus #6 - How to Discover Your Core Values in 12 Minutes: A Precise and Actionable Guide to Finding Your True Self

Gain a sense of clarity and direction in your life, as you discover your core values in just 12 minutes. Learn a precise and actionable guide to finding your true self. Gain a clear understanding of what truly matters to you. Live a life aligned with your values.

($200 Value)

Bonus #7 - How to Set Boundaries Unapologetically: A Quick Guide to Living with Clarity and Confidence

Live with clarity and confidence as you set boundaries unapologetically. A quick guide on how to communicate your needs and assert yourself in a respectful manner. After this, you are no longer afraid to say no. You feel empowered and in charge of your life.

($200 Value)

Bonus #8 - How to Discover Your Purpose in 3 Fun Thought Experiments: An Exciting and Engaging Guide to Finding Your Calling

Discover your purpose, as you explore it through 3 fun thought experiments. An exciting and engaging guide on how to identify your passions. Have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve in life, feel motivated and excited to pursue your goals, and make a difference in the world.

($200 Value)

Bonus #9 - How to Design Your Future Self: Determine and Develop the Character Traits that Will Lead to Success

Discover your top 3 character traits that lead to success. Become self-aware and develop resilience, confidence, and a mindset oriented towards growth and progress.

($47 Value)

Bonus #10 - How to Instantly Reduce Stress and Regain Control: A 60-Second Stress Solution

Regain control and feel calm and relaxed in just 60 seconds. Learn a simple and effective stress-reducing technique, be able to instantly reduce stress, increase focus and improve your overall well-being.

($47 Value)

Total value of bonuses: $7,894

Schedule A Consultation Call Now

If what you read above speaks to you, click the button below to schedule a consultation call with me now. In 60 min or less, we will find out if we are a good fit.

The above offer is available until Tuesday, January 31st. The next chance to work with me will be in March at the earliest.

Words From My Clients

As a busy physician, and mom of two, I lived in denial of what was. "Keeping busy", pretending to be okay. Working with Ivan helped me unpack my life "story", to recognize that my soul was born for more. The awareness gained and the pain released has made me free. Free of walking around without others’ stories. Free of living my life and no longer surviving others. Of finally knowing who I AM.
Karine Lortie
Ivan has the precious ability to guide you back to your center no matter how far you feel from it. He blissfully guides you outside of your loud overthinking loops and excuses and helps you instantly remove the layers to connect directly to your inner source of power. After just 2 transformational sessions with Ivan I have accessed a level of self-authority I didn’t believe I was going to reach so soon. I could finally let go of certain narratives about myself I had been reinforcing and that had been only keeping me small.
Isabella Ferreira
Marketing Specialist
As a person who has always been striving for excellence and looking for the next BIG thing – it’s been a very difficult thing for me to accept and be happy with who I am and what I have. Before I started working with Ivan I was burdened with my responsibilities, the thoughts, and expectations of myself, and what others thought of me. I was very weighed down. Little did I know that the tool to help me feel lighter would be a change of perspective.
Val Dombey
Ivan smiling

Why I teach Self-Discovery and Reinvention...

I’ve radically and completely reinvented myself seven (7) times. I’ve become extremely good at it.

Just in the last two decades, I have been: a competitive bodybuilder, a bakery owner, a firearms instructor, a corporate employee, a breathwork instructor, a transformational events facilitator, a mindset & transformation coach and mentor.

Now at the age of 48, I have finally come to a state of inner peace. Peace with who I’m and where I’m going. A state where inner freedom, authenticity, growth, impact, and meaning are my pillars.

Today my deepest calling and mission is to help other souls on the same journey as me to liberate themself from the prisons of their own minds, move away from the inherent to the ego deep-rooted feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, and scarcity, and experience true fulfillment, meaning, and happiness.

I’m honored to be part of your journey and excited to see what you’ll create for yourself.