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1,000 Gifted Coaching Sessions in 500 Days

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My name is Ivan Nikolov. I connect people with their inner sources of power. And, I do that in just a few coaching sessions.

I’ve embarked on a huge personal mission - to gift 1,000 coaching sessions to 333 individuals (3 x 30 min per individual) in just 500 days - and finish by July 30, 2022 - my 48th birthday.

(To read more about Mission 1K and how it came to be go here. To read more about me go here.)

Why 3 coaching sessions per person?

For a maximum impact. I know from experience that with three coaching sessions we can create clarity and serious initial traction in the direction of your dreams. And, if you don't remember your dreams I'll help you get back in touch with them.

What you need to know before you decide to request a gifted coaching session: Coaching with me is uncomfortable. I am not interested in being liked. I'm interested in your results.

Here's what to expect to accomplish in the three gifted "Born For Something Bigger" coaching sessions:

  • Clarity about your Vision
  • A Strategy for accomplishing that Vision
  • A Plan that's based on this strategy

Who this is for:

  • You've always felt or known that you were born for more
  • You are committed to developing a powerful vision
  • You are coachable

Who this is NOT for:

  • Individuals with a victim mindset and those who indulge in excuses
  • Individuals who aren't ready to be uncomfortable
  • Individuals who are in need of professional therapy (deep depression, suicidal thoughts, bipolar, etc.)

If you think you qualify click the Apply Now button below to fill out the "Born For Something Bigger" Application Form.

If you know someone who can also benefit from 3 gifted high-power coaching sessions around their vision and goals feel free to share this page with them. Send them to: IvanNikolov.com/1000. Another way is to use the "share" buttons at the bottom of the page. Thank you in advance for sharing.

Will I have to pay for the 3 gifted coaching sessions?

No. The 3 Born 4 Something Bigger coaching sessions are a gift to you.

Will I be sold something?

No. Ivan has a policy not to talk about paid coaching during the three gifted coaching sessions. That said, if you want to know more about continuing working with Ivan - just ask.

If I like the gifted coaching can I tell my friend about it?

Absolutely. If your friend is also committed to a bigger life, driven to succeed, you are more than welcome to share this gift with them. Simply share this page with them: IvanNikolov.com/1000