Change your mind, change your Reality

“You can’t change your circumstances from the same thinking that created them.” ~ Ivan Nikolov

Mindset is everything. Your outcomes in life are directly related to the quality of the perspectives you have of yourself and the world.

The only way to change your circumstances is by changing your thoughts – your self-concept.

If you are ready to let go of the thoughts that are creating your current unfulfilling circumstances, I can help you.

Meet ivan nikolov, Mindset & Transformation Coach

My mission is to liberate people from the prisons of their own minds.
I empower people to take full charge of their thoughts and emotions.

I gently guide you to discover and dissolve the limiting assumptions you have about yourself and the world.

Challenge your limitations. Take charge of your thoughts. Step into a new reality.

You Are Far More Than You Think!

Your Liberation Starts Here...

Have you ever felt like you are fighting life instead of living it?

Do you spend most of your daily energy managing your anxiety about the future and regrets about the past?

Do you feel like you have no time or capacity left over for enjoying the present moment?

I’ve created a powerful course, “The Path To Freedom” that gently guides you from where you are today to the other side where Liberation from your Past, Present, and Future lies.

Request a 14-day complimentary FULL ACCESS to The Path To Freedom now.

Kind Words

“After my first session with Ivan, I knew I was to work with him. He delivers on his promise of helping you transcend your inner fears, pains, of helping you truly to let go. (…)The awareness gained and the pain released has made me FREE. Free of walking around without other’s stories.”

“After just 2 transformational sessions with Ivan, I have accessed a level of self-authority I didn’t believe I was going to reach so soon. I could finally let go of certain narratives about myself I had been reinforcing and that had been only keeping me small.”