My Mission: To gift 1,000 complimentary 30-min coaching sessions in just 500 days

In just 30 minutes, you will discover your personal vision and your biggest limiting mental scripts and blind spots. You will walk away with a clear plan on how to move past them, in the direction of your vision.

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Apply for Your Complimentary 30-min Coaching Session

My name is Ivan Nikolov. In the context of this mission I am a Mind(un)set and Re-set Artist, a guide and a mentor.

I help highly driven individuals bring their message and gifts out into the world. I have the ability to clearly see the gifts in others and to help them draw these gifts out into the light. I also help others fully own who and what they are, while feeling perfectly comfortable in being their true selves.

What people get: rapid and transformative shifts in worldview and mental models - from ones that aren't supportive of their objectives to ones that are. Oftentimes, these transformations happen in just one 30-min session.

If this resonates so far, read on...

Before you decide to request a gifted coaching session with me here's what you need to know. Coaching with me is not necessarily comfortable. I am not interested in being liked. I'm interested in tangible results and outcomes for you - possibly in just 30 min.

Here's what to expect to accomplish as a result of a gifted coaching session with me:

  • Clarity on what you truly want
  • Clarity about what's stopping you now (and will continue to stop you in the future) from accomplishing that
  • Clarity about mental models that aren't supportive of your dreams, wants, and vision
  • Concrete next steps for moving past your challenges and in the direction of your desires

This is for individuals who...

  • Have always felt or known that they were born for more
  • Don't know what's holding them back or are confused about their best next step
  • Are committed to developing a powerful vision about their inner growth and/or outward-directed vision
  • Accept being challenged without defending their position

This is NOT for individuals who...

  • Aren't willing and ready to be uncomfortable
  • Don't accept being challenged
  • Have a victim mindset and those who indulge in excuses
  • Are in need of professional therapy (deep depression, suicidal thoughts, bipolar, etc.)

Click the Apply Now button below, fill out the  Application Form and follow the instructions at the end.

Note: In filling out the form, if you aren't willing to put the effort to think carefully about my questions and if your answers are one-liners, you are basically telling me that you don't have time to be serious about your vision and about what you want to create. If you don't have time for that why should I have time to coach you? 

Looking forward to having a powerful coaching conversation with you.

~ Ivan

P.S. Click here to join our "Born 4 More+" community on Telegram where I deliver Live Talks packed with actionable information on topics such as: how to overcome the fear of sharing your message out into the world, how to overcome the "not good enough" belief and impostor syndrome, and more (no spamming, comments are disabled - only I post there).

P.S.S If you know someone who can also benefit from a complimentary high-power coaching session around their vision and what's preventing them from moving in the direction of that vision feel free to share this page with them - send them to Another way is to use the "share" buttons at the bottom of the page.

Will I have to pay for the gifted coaching session?

No. The Born 4 Something Bigger coaching sessions are a gift to you. If at the end you want to know what it would take for you to continue to experience powerful insights on a regular basis - we can talk.

Will I be sold something?

No. I have a policy not to talk about paid coaching during the gifted coaching sessions. That said, if you want to know more about continuing working with me - just ask.

If I like the gifted coaching can I tell my friend about it?

Absolutely. If your friend is committed to developing a powerful vision and is willing to be challenged - but at this moment they are facing a challenge of not knowing what's holding them back and are confused about their next steps, you are more than welcome to share this gift with them. Simply share this page with them:

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