Success Is Not What You Have. It’s What You Are
Recently, I had the chance to interview direct marketing legend, Ron Lynch. Ron Lynch helped launch everybody’s favorite GoPro.
Conformity Kills The Spirit And The Will
I have never before publicly shared about my experiences as a young soldier in the Bulgarian Army. This is an image that pops onto the movie screen of my mind every time I go back to that time and place...
Thoughts Are Things – What You Think About You Become
Thoughts are things. What you think about you become. I’m sure you’ve heard this before. I have. Many times...
How To Cope With Indecision
Do you find yourself not acting on something that you feel that your intuition is telling you that you should act upon? I know how it feels like to be frozen by indecision. And, it's not a good feeling! You feel like you want to move into action but you are afraid.
Don’t Ever Miss Opportunities In Life!
Life rewards those who are not afraid of failure! Failure will never stop them from trying. They will not miss opportunity because of fear of failure of fear of judgment.

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