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Following a significant health concern, I could not continue my work as a surgeon. I lost my identity and became depressed. A colleague suggested I work with Ivan. I had previously worked with a leadership coach and found it helpful from a professional perspective - but not from a spiritual or holistic perspective. Something was missing. I needed guidance and help from a higher resonance.

Ivan works from a higher dimension of being and knowing. I found him highly educated and informed about diverse aspects of wisdom, including modern science and spirituality. This was the right combination for me. He opened new perspectives for me to contemplate. He challenged my assumptions. He pushed me and did so with great compassion and care. Some of his messaging is so simple but yet so profound that I can only conclude it is universal truth. I had several moments of great insight and revelation thanks to his guidance.

After a few sessions, I felt a renewed confidence and purpose. I found myself. I came back home within myself and embraced what was uniquely me. I came to appreciate better that I am divinely guided. There is beauty in suffering as it serves you and directs you back home to who you are meant to be. It is radical acceptance and authenticity. I explored the frontiers of my inner and outer life with grace and appreciation. My journey continues, but I am empowered with new insights thanks to this special human.
Surgeon and healthcare leader
I'm Clay, and I operate in the financial services industry, specializing in guiding individuals towards better financial outcomes.

Before crossing paths with Ivan, I found myself in a stagnant state, feeling stuck and adrift in life. I have a supportive circle of friends, and one of them, having experienced Ivan's impact firsthand, suggested I connect with him.

I met Ivan and felt an instant connection; I felt like his story was mine and vice versa. I felt like he truly understood what I was going through as a man.

I've been working with Ivan for a while now. I feel more confident, passionate, and purpose-driven. My business life has improved tremendously and my relationship has also benefited. It's been an amazing experience and if you truly want to take your life to the next level, I highly recommend you speak with him.
Coaching Client
Financial Advisor
I met Ivan at a time in my life where I felt at a standstill. Comfortable in my career as a physician, recently divorced, in a new relationship, finding myself wanting more, being born for more. The idea of living and no longer surviving. Lost in how to free myself from stories that I was carrying with me without really knowing it, that were no longer serving me. As a busy physician, mom of two, I lived in denial of what was. "Keeping busy", pretending to be okay. Helping others while not helping myself live a better life.

I had seen therapists over the years for myself, with my husband which never addressed the deeper issues. Attended conferences, read books. All to say that the inner freedom I was searching for was still longing. I met Ivan through Mindvalley, initially as a "fitness instructor" through the Longevity Blueprint Quest and then as a tribe facilitator. I was inspired by his own personal story. Then his Mission 1K came across my Facebook feeds and I recognized him. It peaked my interest and decided to register for his 3 gifted coaching sessions.

After my first session with him, I knew I was to work with him. He provided a safe space to share, to dive deeper, to finally "unpack" my own life story to STOP surviving and START living. We worked together for 6 months with weekly meetings which were tremendous growth at every session. Ivan is not for the "soft hearted". He delivers on his promise of helping you transcend your inner fears, pains, of helping you truly to let go. By asking the right questions. By providing a safe space to BE. By seeing beyond what is said. By seeking what you need. Of living by your own values, of questioning your own beliefs, of letting go of what no longer serves you, of BEING unapologetically YOU. Of living your truth, authentically. By shining his light it brought mine back to life.

THE OUTCOME WAS PERSONAL FREEDOM. Freedom to know that life is, people are who they are. What is, is. What was, was. ACCEPTANCE, FORGIVENESS, LOVE. Learning that you are never off path. That all life experiences, positive or "negative" are on your path, for growth, as opportunities to evolve. Everyone and everything is a teacher on this journey. TO LET GO. Working with Ivan helped me unpack my life "story", to recognize that my soul was born for more. I became “aware” of how much pain I was carrying around with me all the time and how it influenced so much of my beliefs, actions and results that were a reflection of my inner thoughts.

The awareness gained and the pain released has made me FREE. Free of walking around without other’s stories. FREE of living my life and no longer surviving others. Of finally knowing who I AM such that I can now tell my story, with the wisdoms gained, for others to recognize themselves. Not be attached so much to the outcome but to commit to the process as it will come/flow by just BEING. As a physician/leader and healer, I continue to provide a safe space for others to heal. My work is to serve others by elevating their journey such that they can elevate theirs and everyone they encounter. Like Ivan did for me, by healing others, WE HEAL EACH OTHER. With much gratitude, Karine
My name is Dao, I am a writer and community organizer in Vietnam. Ivan is the one who opened the door to the world of coaching for me. Before I met Ivan, I was in my journey of personal development already but somehow, some aspects in my life were not yet ideal. I had pains here and there in my body and sometimes I found it hard to do what I loved the most.

The 6-week coaching program that I had with Ivan was like a reset button for me. During this time, we had gone deeper into releasing all the things that belonged to the past. Ivan’s gentle yet effective coaching method has connected me to my emotions so I can feel safe to be open and vulnerable to receive and give.

Ivan has helped me see me and I am amazed that after 6 short weeks, I now finally stay in my true power of an introvert. The new me does not try to survive or is no longer afraid of failure anymore. I now live in the power of now. It is a beautiful place where magical things happen. I deeply appreciate Ivan’s work as he gives back the voice and power to introverts like me.
Ivan has the precious ability to guide you back to your center no matter how far you feel from it. He blissfully guides you outside of your loud overthinking loops and excuses, and helps you instantly remove the layers to connect directly to your inner source of power. Everything else loses its relevance and power over you when you look into the truth he helps you unravel.

After just 2 transformational sessions with Ivan I have accessed a level of self-authority I didn’t believe I was going to reach so soon. I could finally let go of certain narratives about myself I had been reinforcing and that had been only keeping me small.
Marketing Specialist
I was an insecure person. I was pursuing my purpose which was coming from a place of insecurity rather than love. I was obsessed with material success which made me anxious. My relationship was struggling. I was filled with self-doubts about my future.

Coaching with Ivan was one of the most powerful experiences. He provides a safe space and his understanding of the human mindset is phenomenal. The new version of me is free from all irrational beliefs. I was going hard on myself and now I make sure that I make space for myself. I see life from a different angle now which is more powerful and helpful. I don't feel trapped anymore.
Life coach
Before working with Ivan I was already deep in my self-help and spiritual journey. Yet, I felt frustrated that things weren't going my way. I felt as if there were things beneath the surface that no matter how much I tried to work on the things I thought I needed to work on- I kept sliding back to the same habits, behaviours and thought-patterns that held me back my whole life. I was at a loss of what to do? What needed to get "fixed"? What was it that I overlooked and was sitting at the core of the suffering and frustration in my life?

I tried a lot of self help and spirituality programs and communities. Most of them did help to some degree, but I always drifted back to old patterns. I tried programs related to masculinity, self love, life planning and spirituality as a whole - yet nothing managed to really shift me. I saw short-term, sometimes mid-term changes, but it's like I always knew at the back of my mind that that's all those were, and indeed it turned into reality.

I have been following Ivan for quite a while then since I met him as the manager of Mindvalley's Lifebook Ambassadors community. I saw his post on Mission 1000, I think it was the first time he ever introduced it. I already had great appreciation for how he showed up on social media, I attended one of his workshops before on confidence that was really deep and intense and left a big impression on me, and I decided to give it a try.

In our second meeting, he told me something that I cannot recall at the moment, but at the time was very hard for me to accept. It was so hard that I didn't schedule a third meeting, yet I couldn't ignore it. It kept ringing in my head for a few weeks until I came to realize it was the truth he presented to me, and a damn hard one. One that I tried my best to deny but to no avail. At the same time I just finished a big program I went through about self love. I paid a LOT of money for it - but saw very little results. I decided I was done with group programs for many reasons, the main one being it always felt they hit 70-80% in the best case, or didn't hit at all in the worst case. They didn't account for my own specific case, life, desires, struggles- and it frustrated me to try and adapt my situation to their teachings, I wanted to start working 1 on 1 with someone. Someone who I truly appreciated, someone who would help me navigate my OWN psych, and most importantly someone who won't be afraid to put the truth- ANY truth- right in my face.

I needed a raw, unapologetic, honest coach who would tear down any excuses I presented to him, who would help me break my own walls and find my love for myself, my freedom to choose my path and my voice to stand for it. The choice was right there, obvious to me like the sun in midday skies. Ivan was the guy for me. Words are few to describe. It was humbling, it was hard, it demanded me to look at my darkest places and shine light upon those. It required my dedication to the process, my full attention in every session, and more presence in my life as a whole.

It was also gentle, eye opening, and a very grounding experience. His essence, his being, his sheer presence felt like it was opening me up to greater possibilities. Ivan was amazing at adapting to my own pace and providing me with a safe space to fully express myself without any fear of judgment. He was also very supportive of any other self-development and self-help that I got (I was working with a psychologist as well at the time we started working together and until now I am working with both) - showing just how confident (and rightly so) he is in his ability to provide his own unique value to me.

And most importantly- it was the most raw and authentic presence I have ever felt in my life. I knew I was looking for someone like that, but Ivan takes no prisoners with his authenticity and the truths he presents to you. And I lOVE that about him. I needed that so much, I myself didn't even realize how much until we got to depths I never imagined in our work together. In one word- freedom. It took a long time to get there - we went through so much, broke so many beliefs, punched through so many walls, learned to love so many forgotten and long-rejected parts of myself. We healed deep parental wounds and discovered layers upon layers of the things that are holding me back, each time going deeper and deeper.

There is still work to do, there will always be as long as I am a human being. And the fact that I am no longer daunted by that, the fact I no longer let the fact that I am not perfect (and never will be) determine whether I am worthy of love or not, the fact that I am becoming more and more authentic, more and more of the same person that is really me in every situation - those are my biggest wins with Ivan. I finally have the freedom to choose ME without fear, to stand for what matters to me and to lead my life the way *I* want to lead my life - there is no amount of gratitude I can express for being able to feel those things.
Programmer / Tech leader
My name is Mauricio. I work as a Computer Systems Engineer in the High Tech industry, I’m also a Life Coach.

Before working with Ivan I was struggling, trying to transition from the corporate world to the entrepreneurial world with a lack of clarity and too much resistance, meaning a rejection of my current situation which was preventing me to move forward, so basically I was stuck.

I had big goals but I didn’t know how to go after them, in addition to some self-doubt about whether “I had what it takes ” story to reach my goals and the life that I wanted.

So I decided to look for help and found Ivan, whose message totally resonated with me when I realized that there was nothing wrong with me and that I just needed to release some limitations I thought I had, which gave me liberation and freedom immediately.

After that, I started working with Ivan and the results after coaching with him are mind-blowing and soul-blowing I would say. In just 3 short months I feel like a different person and actually I AM a different person, moving forward towards my goals with more confidence, knowing and feeling that everything is possible, with a sense of purpose, empowered, enjoying the journey, and most of all, liberated and FREE. I will always be grateful to Ivan for the positive impact he has made in my life.
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Computer Systems Engineer
As a person who has always been striving for excellence and looking for the next BIG thing – it’s been a very difficult thing for me to accept and be happy with who I am and what I have. Before I started working with Ivan I was burdened with my responsibilities, the thoughts and expectations of myself and what others thought of me. I was very weighed-down. Little did I know that the tool to helping me feel lighter would be a change of perspective.

If I could summarise my sessions with Ivan in one-word, this would be the keyword for all of them - Perspective. Thank you, Ivan - from the bottom of my heart you are a true gem for your knowledge, wisdom and willingness to help others get better.
Hello. I'm Alex, and currently, I am teaching English in Vietnam, a country I love to live in.

Before I met Ivan, I felt that I played too small in life, and something kept me from being genuine and authentic. There are too many "fake" people (including me), and I decided I didn't want to play this game anymore.

At one point, I realized that reading books, going to seminars, talking to a psychologist, or taking any medicine won't change much, if anything at all.

I met Ivan a few years ago, but only recently did we get in touch on social media. I had a complimentary session with Ivan back in November 2021, and I realized that he could sense the "true me," something I could not conceive back then.

Recently, I just had a Freedom Week coaching session with Ivan. After our meeting, I felt more real and less fake. I no longer ask permission from people to be me anymore. Whatever my gut feeling "tells" me, I go with it. Consequently, I have stronger boundaries with people around me, and so far, most people that I know have had a positive response regarding my change. But again, if people decide that they no longer want to be part of my journey, I can live with that as well. I feel lighter and more fulfilled by doing less and being more of me.

Thanks, Ivan, for this amazing gift!
Before I started working with Ivan, I had reached a point in my life where I felt like I was in a hamster wheel. I was indecisive. Wanted a shift but had many excuses about why I could not take the leap. It was difficult for me to express in words who I really wanted to be. I also realized that I had a desire to be authentic with others but not with myself.

My decision to work with Ivan was 99% intuitive. 1% was the experience with him in the three appointments with half-hour consultation each. At that point, I had no concrete idea of the person I wanted to be in three or six months. For some time I saw myself walking in a fog.

Today, after coaching with Ivan, I feel able to walk through the fog with full confidence that the path I am walking on is the right one. In my life so far, I have lived according to how others have described my destiny - or how I have interpreted and understood their words and actions.

Ivan has helped me climb beyond my own destiny. He helped me confront my fear of the time I have left running too fast. Time became my bulletproof vest. Now I am more alert and aware of my "true self". I am able to infuse my work with the healing powers of knowledge and love to support my own students on their life paths. Thank you Ivan from the bottom of my heart.
Before my work with Ivan in Freedom Week, I was feeling stuck, I wasn’t taking action on my coaching business and was self-loathing a lot, and still struggling with social anxiety, despite spending thousands on other coaches, therapists, and courses. I would also constantly wake up in the morning feeling angry and in bad mood.

I decided to work with Ivan because he is very authentic, and he helps uncover the unconscious beliefs that were holding me back and causing self-sabotage. He can easily spot patterns very quickly. I also previously worked with him on other issues and noticed big shifts in just a short amount of time.

After coaching with Ivan, I noticed I am speaking a lot more clearly and feel more grounded. When I wake up, I now feel light in the morning and I notice I am sleeping a lot better now and fall asleep faster. Also, I find it easier to take action. There's less resistance in my body.

Ivan is very unique compared to other coaches I have worked with. Other coaches just focus on the actions. The problem with that approach is that it does not address the subconscious patterns and beliefs that are causing me to self-sabotage.

I spent thousands in coaching before and it didn’t help me take consistent action or make permanent changes. With Ivan’s approach, in just an hour or two, he can help you become aware of beliefs holding you back and shift your identity and you can start seeing changes fast.
Ivan is a powerful coach. His depth of understanding the human psyche is unparalleled. As if that weren't enough, he was able to shift my mindset from a place of being stuck in analysis paralysis and inaction by distraction to action with results in such a short time span.

I was dizzied by the speed of the transformation as I went from disempowering beliefs that no longer served me to empowering beliefs that came from the action I took as a result of Ivan's coaching.

He is a master at gentle tough love with results-oriented mindset. How he was able to gently yet firmly shift me after I had tried everything including a Tony Robbins coach, I don't know. He coaches from the heart and got me in touch with mine and got me to act on my true purpose in life.
testimonial photo - Rahul
Ivan is like a goto resource coach when I had a 1-1 coaching session with him. He was so quick to share relevant and useful resources and concepts that I could apply to my situation right away. Most of all, he showed me how to be authentic and vulnerable at the same time.

People wear masks all the time and that causes a lot of unnecessary mistrust and misunderstanding. I’m so motivated to implement the shared concepts in my next team meet. Thank you Ivan for the many wonderful pieces of advice in just that short but powerfully impactful session.
Real Estate Agent
Life was going great. But I wanted to break the plateau and achieve more. My sense of self was strong but not bulletproof. Worked with multiple coaches but the changes didn't last.

My confidence and self worth has soared. Blocks that I held onto for years that I thought was true was actually false. My relationship with my girlfriend, the women and men in my life has dramatically improved. But most importantly, the relationship I have with myself has been fortified. Life is starting to shift in an amazing way.
Ivan's coaching journey has really been an eye opening experience for me and definitely a worthwhile investment as it helped me overcome blockages and fears that were holding me back since a long time. This powerful course challenged my thinking, my values and my beliefs. Ivan´s positive energy and inner peace are really inspiring. He makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

I made a huge leap into a better, more grounded and confident version of myself. Today, I feel excited by the opportunities ahead of me and feel equipped to start this new path. I couldn't recommend him highly enough! Thank you Ivan for your support, guidance and for all the value you brought into my life!