About Me

Ivan Nikolov is a high achiever, driven by three powerful forces: Personal Growth, Expansion, and Contribution.

Ivan helps people find out who they are already – and become it so that they can live the lives they were meant to live, not the lives they are living.

He does that by empowering these brave individuals to be honest with themselves and others, to become grounded in their truth and authenticity, and to be fully present for themselves and others. When this baseline is in place – everything falls into place nicely. The world becomes a friendly, cooperating place.

Ivan is a Tribe Facilitator at Mindvalley, a Deep Connectedness & Rawnessty Guide, a Coach, a humble student of life.

Ivan’s energetic expressions are:

Spiritual freedom ? Mind expansion ? Functional body mastery ? Raw ? Real ? Faulty ? An imperfect human being

What I Unapologetically Stand For (read blog post)

My Personal Philosophies and Values

My top values…

Wellness, Freedom, Growth, Family, Contribution, Connection, Presence

What I stand for…

  • Freedom – spiritual, financial, lifestyle, location, voice, purpose
  • Authenticity, Congruence, Integrity, Realness, Rawnessty, Being unapologetically you
  • Self-actualization
  • Wellness/Health/Body temple care
  • Self-knowledge, Stillness
  • Aligned inspired action
  • Appreciation
  • Full presence, Awareness
  • Surrendering, Non-attachment
  • Re-membering
  • Being able to say NO
  • Deep listening, Under-standing
  • Meaningful relationships and conversations
  • Messing up, Risking, Embracing change

What I stand against…

  • Playing small
  • Staying in resistance (consciously or unconsciously)
  • Mediocrity / Complacency / Ignorance
  • Inauthenticity, People-pleasing, Agreeableness
  • Being a Victim
  • Ignoring the body temple/health
  • Being uncommitted, “thinking about it”
  • Herd mentality, Collective beliefs
  • Safety

I choose to believe that…

  • Every one of us shows up in physical existence complete, enough, and perfect
  • Everyone of us can enjoy three freedoms – if they choose to:
  1. Freedom to express
  2. Freedom to make a choice
  3. Freedom to be happy, joyful, blissful
  • I am spiritual but I am not religious. I believe that structures like organized religion over the centuries and millennia have become mostly tools for control through instilling fear
  • We are All One – we all are coming from the same place and are all going there. We are actually there now
  • Linear time doesn’t exist – it’s a human construct. Past doesn’t exist, Future doesn’t exist. There’s only Now
  • There’s no Good or Bad. There’s no Right or Wrong. These are simply human judgments. All energy is neutral until we give it a label based on our belief systems
  • There is no Darkness. Darkness is simply the absence of Light
  • We incarnate and most of us have more than one life, mostly at different linear timelines but all happening now
  • There’s the Ego and there’s the Higher Self (True Self, Divine Self) that descends directly from the Spirit and is connected directly to Source (All That Is, Creation, God, Universe, etc.)
  • The True Self already knows what’s best for me now
  • The highest level of frequency (vibration, energy) is Love/Light. Some of the lowest frequencies are Fear, Anger, Despair, Frustration
  • Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens through and by us
  • Living a Mediocre life is a Choice
  • Victimhood is a Choice
  • Everybody and Everything has a Purpose (a Reason to exist)
  • Your ultimate Purpose is a Purpose that is bigger than You
  • The Key to living a Fulfilled Life is discovering your Purpose and creating forward momentum toward your Purpose past Resistance (Fear, Limitation, Procrastination, many other forms of Resistance)
  • Stepping into your Power, creating Clarity, learning to go past Fears and Limitations has nothing to do with learning new stuff or acquiring new skills. It has everything to do with forgetting, shedding layers, and re-membering (rejoining the level of Freedom that we all gave up while growing up)
  • I deeply respect all other viewpoints, philosophies, values. I don’t have to agree with them in order to respect them
  • I have no desire to change anyone. I am willing to support anyone to the degree to which they are willing to transform themselves
  • I don’t have expectations from others. I have no attachment to outcome
  • The highest gift I can give someone is the gift of my full, undivided, judgment-free, ego-free attention – in a state of heightened awareness… In other words, to help them feel under-stood
  • I don’t submit to ‘Foolish Consistency’! My philosophies and values my change tomorrow (even today). This is what I find valuable to believe in right now!
John Smith 7 years ago


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Ivan Nikolov 7 years ago

That’s ok John, but please use the “Contact” form for requests of this matter next time. Comments are meant to be a discussion on the article above them.

juram 7 years ago

great story brother, all the best in your future adventures.

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