Getting In Your Best Shape Ever Is Doable And It Does Not Require Suffering

Tired of trying to lose weight and not succeeding?

BY IVAN NIKOLOV, APRIL 19, 2017 11:00 AM

Ivan Nikolov
  • Most people who try to lose the extra weight never get to the Ideal Body that they desire and envision for themselves.
  • Most people don't even know what their Ideal Body looks like because they've accepted a lesser mental image of the body they want to have!
  • Getting in your Best Shape EVER is not only possible, but ABSOLUTELY doable, as well!

Hi, I'm Ivan. I have been out of shape - many times. I have been unhealthy lean too. Now, I am in my Best Shape ever... and I enjoy life immensely!

I have a question for you...

Do you really want it? Because, honestly, that's what it really comes down to!

Losing weight and getting in your best shape ever - in the body of your dreams - has nothing to do with having the "perfect" diet or the "perfect" training program. It has everything to do with your mindset.

I can see most people make the mistake of thinking that training is what will make them lose the weight. I can also see how religious people get with their diets... only to abandon everything soon after they start.

But, that's not where the problem lies. It lies in the setup, it lies in the mind. The true reason why most people fail in getting in their best shape ever is this: Lack of persistence!

Before you even start dieting and training you get to take care of setting up for SUCCESS! You must know exactly what you want, by when you want it, and why you want what you want!

Before you even set foot in the gym you MUST know your "WHY's"!

What does that mean?

Knowing your "Why's" means knowing what motivates you. It means knowing the reasons why you want what you want to achieve. And, without very strong reasons you will not succeed!

The "Why's" are called your MOTIVATION.

See, no matter how strong-willed you are, you will face challenges at one point or another. And, when that happens you must know what motivates you. This way - AND ONLY THIS WAY - you will be able to persist and persevere!

  • Persistence Means Choosing What Motivates You Over, and Over, and Over Again!

The only way to get in your best shape ever is to start with the mindset first!

As I said earlier, there are more than one ways to achieve a goal. Regardless of whether it is a long or a short way - every program that can take you to the body of your dreams must - I repeat, MUST - start with the mindset!

I only mentioned above one of the most significant parts of creating a winner's mindset: Motivation. That's not the whole story, though. There's more. What else must you absolutely take care of before you even start thinking about diet and training? Vision, visualization, goals, a simple program, support.

You Must Set Up Your Vision and Goals Before You Even Think About Training and Nutrition!

Once you have that ultra-important part taken care of you can then go onto the nutrition and training part. And, this is where it gets even more interesting...

Nutrition is important, but if it feels like a diet eventually you will come to hate it... and will give up!

Here's how this works: If you "get on a diet" your brain will eventually expect that you will "get off of it". The brain doesn't like pain! It doesn't like discomfort and chore. Eventually, if your nutrition feels like a chore your brain will make you give it up! That's simply how it works with the brain...

So, in order for this not to happen your nutrition must be simple and based on general rules, and not be a calorie-restrictive, strict diet.

In fact, calorie restriction is not even necessary for weight loss! Moreover, calorie restriction will stop your progress far before you've reached your goal to get in your best shape ever!

So, that's that. But, what about training, you say...

Training is the last component in a successful program that's well designed to get you in your best shape ever. And, there is a reason for that...

Resistance training IS NOT absolutely necessary weight loss!

And, that's really the simple truth! You can absolutely lose weight by not doing any resistance training. But, it is better if you do it because it will help with building strength and sculpting the body because...

Being fit and toned is way better than being skinny and flabby!

So, resistance training isn't absolutely necessary but it is highly recommended. There is a form of training that is very, very highly recommended. And, that is HIIT - high-intensity interval training. The reason is that it will help burn fat not only while you are doing the activity but hours after that, too!

All said and done, the simple truth is that many training programs will do the job. The important thing, however, is what type of training will do the job in the most efficient and least time-consuming way!

This is what you know so far...

  • Mindset is the make it or break it ingredient. Without doing the proper mindset setup you most likely are not going to be successful at getting in your best shape ever!
  • If you diet you will most likely fail. Our brain is trying to get us out of pain and suffering all the time. Diets are felt by the brain as something that is not good for us. Moreover, calorie restriction does not work - unless your goal is to not get to your goal.
  • Resistance training is not even necessary. However, resistance training is highly recommended. And, there is a specific form of training that is very highly recommended - and that is HIIT.

I don't know about you, but I don't like suffering my way to my best shape ever!

I've been in the fitness-wellness-athletics industry for over 27 years. For the first 23 years - that's almost a quarter of a century - I've tried almost every diet and training regime that was out there.

I always got results - and that's to a large degree due to my incredible motivation (mindset, remember?) However, I can't say that most things I tried did not involve suffering and hardship.

There is something else. If I wanted to stay in great shape for life (and I did want that... strongly), I had to find a way to do it long-term, without suffering, and without feeling like I am on a diet - and my entire life revolves around food and training. I wasn't ready for that. I wanted to be in my best shape ever, and...

I wanted to feel normal - like everyone else!

I set out to find what will give me the results I wanted without making me feel deprived.

It took a lot of studying, trial and error. Eventually I found out how to both have the results I wanted for myself and how to live a normal life that does not subject me to constant dieting and training - a lifestyle that my brain will not reject!

Mind you, I didn't discover anything new, really! I simply re-discovered what our ancestors have been doing for millennia to stay in great shape without effort. I simply adapted it to serve our contemporary, Westernized lifestyles.

I also found out why most people don't get to the Ideal Body they desire - something I've always had: a proper mindset. I reverse-engineered what drove me - continues to drive me - all these years, and come up with a precise procedure for setting the Winner's Mindset.

And It All Resulted In This...


I have literally put everything I know about losing fat and getting in your best shape ever in this 8-week Body Reboot Online Bootcamp!

Everything is in there - Mindset, Nutrition, Training (gym or home).

30+ videos, demonstrating: 1) how to go through setting up your Vision, Goals, Motivation; 2) how to practice nutrition without dieting; 3) how to train to get the results without this being the main thing you do!

These are the results you can expect from the 8-week Body Reboot Bootcamp...

Body Reboot Bootcamp - inside look
Body Reboot Bootcamp - back squat gym
  • Lose up to 20 lbs of body fat: whether you have 5 lbs or 50 lbs or more to lose the approach is so universal that you can use it to get to your Ideal Body, and to keep your results long-term
  • Gain and master tools to make this a lifestyle: you will never feel like you are on a program - you will be able to continue practicing this simple rule-based approach for a lifetime.
  • Learn to break through resistance and hesitation: Mindset is a big thing - and you are going to master that side of success, so that hesitation and resistance are no longer something that stops you.
Body Reboot Bootcamp - back squat gym
Body Reboot Bootcamp - back squat gym

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Join me in the Body Reboot Bootcamp

The Body Reboot 8-week Bootcamp is designed especially for you:

If you want to get in your Best Shape ever without resistance but with ease!

If you want to be able to maintain your Ideal Body long-term - as long as you want to. And, why not for life!

If you want to continue to feel normal like everyone else and enjoy life like everyone else!


Actually, I offer a 200% Money Back Guarantee! Here's how this works: If you do 100% of what I teach in this program 100% of the time during the 8-week period you are going to get the results!

If you do that and you don't get the results I will gladly refund your investment in this program.

Simply, email a copy of your nutrition and training journal, detailing what you've done each day during the 8 weeks and as soon as I verify that you've done 100% of what I taught 100% of the time I will send you your investment back!

That's my 200% Guarantee!

Ivan Nikolov

Creator of the Body Reboot Bootcamp, Mentor, Life Coach, Role Model, YouTuber

About Ivan

Ivan is an athlete, entrepreneur, role model and an influencer. He is a former competitive natural bodybuilding competitor who competed for the prestigious Musclemania International Contests. Ivan placed 3rd in the world in 2003 in Redondo Beach, CA.

Today Ivan spends his days investing in his own development as a Mindset coach and a human being who's purpose is to uplift others in a major way. Ivan and his wife Silvia also have a small business for hand-crafted bags. Ivan remains a life-long athlete with a passion for health and functional physical performance. He is on YouTube as a creator.

P.S.: There are many weight loss programs out there - I know that. But, very few of them are designed by former professional athletes with more than 27 years of experience, who have personally been "in the trenches" many times themselves.

Give my Body Reboot 8-week Bootcamp a try. I am confident that you are going to love the process and are going to enjoy incredible results - if you truly want them!

Yes, I want to start my Body Reboot Bootcamp membership NOW!

Ivan Nikolov

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