Are you ready to permanently remove your biggest blocks and radically reinvent yourself?

Is it time to liberate yourself from your deep-seated limitations and finally activate the potential that’s been lying dormant all this time? Do you want help with that?

I am ready to guide you to find what’s blocking you – with zero judgment. I will take your hand and walk you from the land of probability and predictability (repeating the same past over and over again) to the land of pure possibility and magic (consciously designing a different future).

Request a free 60-minute consultation call. On this call, I will ask you a few questions to get a good feel for where you are now and where you want to go. And you will find out if I am the perfect coach for you.

If at the end of the call, we both feel that we are a good match I will let you know how we can work together. If not, there’s zero obligation or pressure to coach with me in the future.

This consultation call will be packed with value. Whether we continue working together or not – your way of thinking (and your life) will change forever.

Looking forward to chatting with you!


P.S. If none of the available times work for you email me at ivan [at] and I’ll try to find times that work for both of 

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How coaching with me works:

I offer only one form of coaching – one-on-one for 6 months:

  • 12 60-min sessions
  • Client-only access to me – phone, messaging
  • $6000. Payment plans available

You are worth all of it! You deserve to invest in yourself and your future – YOU are the asset!

Book a consultation call above and let’s see if we are a good fit to work together.

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