Free Advanced Workout and Diet Planning Tools

These Advanced Workout and Diet Planning Tools are absolutely FREE! They were initially designed to be a part of a paid membership site, but I decided to make them free for everyone to use.

Below you will find a video, demonstrating what these tools are. In short, you will:

  1. Select from one of several Advanced muscle building or fat loss programs
  2. Download the training logs in PDF format – with the instructions, as well as the empty tables where you can record your progress in the gym
  3. Set up the meal planning tool, according to your morphological body type, your fitness/wellness goal, how you workout – your type of workouts, type of cardio, duration, how many times a week, etc.
  4. Set up the meal planning tool with your usual meal patterns
  5. Push a button to generate meals that support your predetermined fitness goals and get your exact meals with calories and grams protein, carbs and fats generated.
  6. Edit these meals by swapping some of the items for others that you like more (while the program takes care of recalculating the exact amounts, so that you stay within your macro nutrient ratios and calorie ranges)
  7. Print out a shopping list for what you need to buy from the grocery store
  8. Generate a pancake or a muffin batter recipe according to your individual calorie and macro nutrient requirements
  9. Overwrite the macro nutrient numbers or calories that the tool suggests for you, based on your fitness goal (ADVANCED USERS ONLY!)
  10. And, I’m sure I’m forgetting something.. There is a lot in there.

All you will have to do is create an account with a user name and password (just like you would on any website – free or paid) and use the tools.

That’s all. I’m not asking for anything. Just, please respect what I’m offering you. Don’t complain and don’t demand customer service or special attention – the tools are FREE after all!

Click here to create an account.

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