Men’s Life Mastery Blueprint

Man’s Life Mastery Blueprint

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1.1 Honorhonesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions: a man of honor a source of credit or distinction high respect, as for worth, merit, or rank such respect manifested high public esteem; fame; glory
1.1.1 Honesty
1.1.2 Integrity
1.1.3 Fairness
1.1.4 Respect
1.2 Courage
1.2.1 MindsetResolve to not give up
1.2.2 Fortitudemental and emotional strength in facing difficulty, adversity, danger, or temptation courageously
1.3 AuthenticityNon-conformity to social norms that result in “pleasers” of others. Freedom of expression of thoughts and emotions.
1.3.1 Freedom of expression
1.3.2 Non-conformity
1.3.3 Vulnerability
1.4 Humility
1.5 Humaneness
1.5.1 Generosity
1.5.2 Kindness
1.5.3 Empathy
1.5.4 Compassion
1.5.5 Love
1.6 Conservancyconservation of natural resources
2.1 Knowledge
2.2 Solitude
2.2.1 Contemplation
2.2.2 Reflection
2.2.3 Introspection
2.3 Personal Philosophy
2.4 Emotional Intelligence
2.4.1 Ability to delay gratification
2.4.2 Ability to control impulse
2.4.3 Ability to persist against frustration
3.1 Strength
3.2 Power
3.3 Stamina / Endurance
3.4 Mobility / Stability / Agility
3.5 Primal Movement Patterns
3.6 Combative Skills & ContestsThe purpose of the combative skills and contests is to develop aggressiveness, initiative, and resourcefulness in personal combat; to develop proper footwork and weight control; and to train the man to react violently with a maximum of energy for the purpose of overcoming an opponent. A man is trained to give his all. Defeats suffered in early practice will be compensated for by habits of aggressiveness and by the quick and adaptive thinking which grow from such practice.
4.1 Life Purpose
4.2 Health
4.2.1 Nutrition
4.2.2 Movement – Motion
4.2.3 Sleep and Relaxation
4.2.4 Meditation / Slowing down
4.2.5 Emotions Release Rituals
4.3 Productivity
4.3.1 VOCATION SERVE ONESELF Ambition Creativity Enthusiasm Mastery SERVE OTHERS ContributionContribution beyond ourselves; Giving back Significance Benevolencedesire to do good to others; goodwill; charitableness act of kindness
4.4 Humanity
4.4.1 Connectedness
4.4.2 Friendships
4.4.3 Care for parents & elders
4.4.4 Benefactionan act of conferring a benefit; the doing of good; a good deed the benefit conferred; charitable donation
4.5 Culture
4.5.1 Rites of PassageComing of age Religious Military Academic Vocational/professional
4.5.2 Customs & Traditions
4.5.3 Rituals
4.6 SpiritualityA sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves. Typically involves a search for meaning in life.
4.6.1 Belief
4.6.2 Comfort
4.6.3 Reflection
4.6.4 Ethics
4.6.5 Awe

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