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"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours." ~ Henry David Thoreau

From Ivan
June 3, 2017

I have recently started a Secret membership-based Facebook group called “Practical Tools for Life Mastery”.

This Secret Facebook group is for you if you want to:

  • Gain or regain clarity around your Life’s Purpose
  • Dream much bigger Dreams and get inspired into Powerful Action
  • Get access to knowledge and tools in the areas of Success and Achievement
  • Shorten your path to personal Success (however you define Success)
  • Sustain your Forward Momentum
  • Get to the Next Level of Achievement
  • Keep generating only the Outcomes that you like in life
  • Connect with and build deep Relationships with like-minded, growth-oriented individuals

Who is this Secret Facebook Group NOT for:

Individuals who have settled for Ordinary lives are NOT ALLOWED in This Secret Facebook group! Only those who seek to live Extraordinary lives are welcome!

My vision for this group is to empower and inspire members to dream big and to not be afraid to answer "the call" to be, do, and have more - the call to their own hero's journey!

Topics of exploration and interest include:

Success – Achievement – Happiness – Relationships – Spirituality – Mind – Body – Health – Wealth – Frequency – Fulfillment – Self-Knowledge – Belief Systems – Emotional Intelligence – Ethical life

  • Go here to see what's available to our members!
Bonnie Casey Member

Ivan's coaching has pushed me past my own limiting beliefs and he has taught me to grow to become my best self through encouragement and willingness to listen and help me overcome obstacles.

Official content:

  • Dream Declare Deliver (DDD) 4-week course included ($197 value)
  • Interviews with authorities and experts on the topics above
  • Life Mastery Nuggets – short FB live videos with insights on any of the topics of interest
  • FB live trainings developing on important concepts, related to the topics of interest
  • And, more, and more, and more! (you’ll see in there!)
  • Go here to see what's available to our members!
Chad Elbert Member

Practical Tools for Life Mastery brings people together and provides great content for building the skills to live an intentional and fulfilled life.

And, here’s what you can expect when you join us…

Within the first 30 days of joining this powerful group of individuals you will…

  • Begin to answer the “call” to be, and do more in life!
  • Create clarity around your Purpose and Vision (find out why you are here)!
  • Figure out what you really want to do — and what people will want to pay you for!
  • Put a plan together to do what you want to do — and move!
  • Stay motivated to keep the course you’ve chosen — regardless of what everybody else says!
  • Start learning from success — by joining me in studying successful people!
  • Receive support when you need it, and give support when others need it!

You will truly begin to live your life’s purpose by:

  • taking care of yourself first, and
  • by uplifting others through developing and sharing your own gifts!
  • Go here to see what's available to our members!

Here’s my invitation:

Join us at the Practical Tools for Life Mastery members-only Facebook group!

And, here’s how it works. Simple stuff…

The first week is free! After that only $17/mo. (3 lattes at Starbucks).


No contracts.

Cancel any time – during the first seven days, or any time after that. No hard feelings. We are super easy as far as these things go.

Click on the “Subscribe” button below to start your 7-day free trial right now!

See you inside the group!

The Life Mastery Membership page has moved to here.

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