Sample Meal Plans For Bodybuilding

Update 10/10/2012: It’s been a while since I wrote these plans. My views about bodybuilding, fitness and athletic diets has changed some, based on new knowledge and my own experiments. However, these meal plans are still valid and WILL provide the results that they are designed for.

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On this page you can find the links to different meal plans, generated by FitNA – a bodybuilding nutrition software that I wrote a while back. The structure of the different plans is the same, but the Total Daily Calories are different for each menu.

Each meal plan starts with the profile of a person. If you are close any of the profiles, you can use the meal menu just the way it is.

If you want to have your meal menu generated exactly for your particular goals and needs, and of course body type, you can sign up to use FitNA. In this case please refer to the banner below.

Meal plan – 1200 Calories a day /calorie cycling/

Meal plan – 1460 Calories a day

Meal plan – 1995 Calories a day /calorie cycling/

Meal plan – 2070 Calories a day /calorie cycling/

Meal plan – 2500 Calories a day /calorie cycling/

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