Bodybuilding Training Routines

This is a section I wrote back in 2007 I think. It’s still relevant for most trainees. Use this page, if you do standard gym workouts for bodybuilding. Refer to it when you need a new bodybuilding routine or when you just need an idea of how to mix things up with your current one.

Training routines are classified according to the level of experience.

If you are just starting with weight training, look into the Bodybuilding Routines – Novice section.

If you have at least two months experience with a training routine for beginners then check out the Bodybuilding Routines – Intermediate section.

If you have been exercising consistently at least for a year or if you consider yourself advanced then the Bodybuilding Routines – Advanced section might be the most appropriate for you.

Bodybuilding Routines – Novice

Novice Workout: Level One
Novice Workout: Level Two
Novice Workout: Level Three

Bodybuilding Routines – Intermediate

Intermediate 3-days/w Three-day Split Routine
Intermediate 3-days/w Two-day Split Routine
Intermediate 4-days/w Two-day Split Routine

Bodybuilding Routines – Advanced

Advanced 4-day Split, 5 days Cycle
Advanced 3-day Split, 5 days Cycle
Advanced 3-day Split, 4 days Cycle

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