I do one thing only...

I help highly-determined individuals alchemize fear, doubt, hesitation, and disbelief and tune into that version of themselves that they truly dream of being. Then make a powerful decision and a consistent choice to be that person! The Universe takes care of the rest.

The reality that you dream of experiencing is already available to you. You just have to zero in on it and decide that IT IS SO! That's it.

The results...

You will bring the best version of yourself into reality. Then your reality will adjust to match the person that you have decided that you are. 

  • If you want to have more money - that will become your reality. There's simply no other way but for that to become your experience
  • If you want to have better relationships - that will become your reality
  • If you want to have more confidence - and even better - if you want to move past confidence and all the way to excitement, curiosity, enthusiasm, anticipation, wonder, awe - that will become your reality
  • If you want to be healthier - that will become your reality
  • If you want more success (however you define that mofo) - you can have that too... because you will choose to have it!

What does it take...

It takes absolute resolve and staying power (determination, grit, tenacity, resilience, focus). Here's what else it takes: full alignment with your authentic self (that is, your True Self)!

We are a good match if you are...

A highly determined individual who absolutely and categorically refuses to live a small life. You are someone who knows that you've got one shot at life and you want to make the most of it.

If that is you, please, fill out the form which you can access by clicking the button below. I will get back with you shortly.

Rahul Sangave Entrepreneur

Ivan is a powerful coach. His depth of understanding the human psyche is unparalleled. As if that weren't enough, he was able to shift my mindset from a place of being stuck in analysis paralysis and inaction by distraction to action with results in such a short time span. I was dizzied by the speed of the transformation as I went from disempowering beliefs that no longer served me to empowering beliefs that came from the action I took as a result of Ivan's coaching. He is a master at gentle tough love with results oriented mindset. How he was able to gently yet firmly shift me after I had tried everything including a Tony Robbins coach, I don't know. He coaches from the heart and got me in touch with mine and got me to act on my true purpose in life.

I was in a place of a lot of extreme doubt. I knew that there was more that I can provide to the world. I wanted to learn from a guy that, to me, just embodies taking on life and being a role model. That's why I reached out to you. The biggest result (of working with you) is a complete reframing of the way I even spoke and though, and really shifting from a scarcity mindset to abundance. My vision was to start my own coaching business and as of a week ago I actually have my first client... and more and more on the way. (This experience) has given me a whole new sense of my own personal power and a real connection with my purpose. I am now excited to help people around me reach new levels that they didn't think or realize were possible for them.

Chad Elbert Manager
Tracy Barksdale Entrepreneur

I now have a way of making some money at home so that I can actually stay home full time, which is what I wanted really since my child was 4 months old when I went back to work. Now I'm going to be able to stay at home with him and be able to pursue these passion projects but still make good money. I'm not sure how I pulled that off, but it doesn't really matter. I feel like this was the first big way I've proven to myself that I can create whatever I want. Now, I'm feeling like, ' What else is possible?' I feel powerful actually!