Transformational one-on-one coaching

Find true lasting freedom from your past and future. Completely redesign your Self-concept. Become the individual who effortlessly receives more from life without needing anything from life.

These are the results that you can expect from working with Ivan:

  • Clarity on where you are, where you want to be, and the shortest path there
  • Freedom from subconscious self-sabotaging scripts and behaviors
  • Integration of Mental Models that make life simple and far more enjoyable
  • Skills to manage your thoughts in real-time
  • Radical change who you are as a baseline
  • A complete upgrade of your Self-concept (how you view yourself and how others view you)
  • Develop powerful skills to improve and elevate your relationships
  • The confidence to go after your dreams and to make things happen
  • Restoration of your innate authenticity
  • Living life from integrity and alignment
  • Assertiveness and Peaceful power from a place of compassion
  • A new feeling of lightness, personal freedom, and profound inner peace

Kind words from private clients

…As a busy physician, mom of two, I lived in denial of what was. “Keeping busy”, pretending to be okay. Helping others while not helping myself live a better life. (…)I had seen therapists over the years for myself, with my husband which never addressed the deeper issues. 

After my first session with Ivan, I knew I was to work with him. He delivers on his promise of helping you transcend your inner fears, pains, of helping you truly to let go. By asking the right questions. By providing a safe space to BE. By seeing beyond what is said. By seeking what you need. Of living by your own values, of questioning your own beliefs, of letting go of what no longer serves you, of BEING unapologetically YOU. Of living your truth, authentically. By shining his light it brought mine back to life (…)

The awareness gained and the pain released has made me FREE. Free of walking around without other’s stories. FREE of living my life and no longer surviving others. Of finally knowing who I AM such that I can now tell my story, with the wisdom gained, for others to recognize themselves.

Karine J. Lortie


Before I started working with Ivan, I had reached a point in my life where I felt like I was in a hamster wheel.(…)

Today, after coaching with Ivan, I feel able to walk through the fog with full confidence that the path I am walking on is the right one. In my life so far, I have lived according to how others have described my destiny. (…)

Ivan has helped me climb beyond my own destiny. He helped me confront my fear of the time I have left running too fast. Time became my bulletproof vest.

Now I am more alert and aware of my “true self”. I am able to infuse my work with the healing powers of knowledge and love to support my own students on their life paths.


Angeliki Alina Papagiannaki-Sönmez


Ivan has the precious ability to guide you back to your center no matter how far you feel from it. He blissfully guides you outside of your loud overthinking loops and excuses, and helps you instantly remove the layers to connect directly to your inner source of power. Everything else loses its relevance and power over you when you look into the truth he helps you unravel.

After just 2 transformational sessions with Ivan I have accessed a level of self-authority I didn’t believe I was going to reach so soon. I could finally let go of certain narratives about myself I had been reinforcing and that had been only keeping me small.

Isabella Ferreira

Marketing Specialist