“If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting the results you’ve always gotten!”

I know this to be true from my own experience.

The reason I know this is because I asked THE QUESTION all the time.

What question?

It is this: Why am I working all the time and I’m not seeing any results? Why is my life not getting any better, and it even seems to be getting worse?

I was in a place of a lot of extreme doubt. I knew that there was more that I can provide to the world. I wanted to learn from a guy that, to me, just embodies taking on life and being a role model. That's why I reached out to you. The biggest result (of working with you) is a complete reframing of the way I even spoke and though, and really shifting from a scarcity mindset to abundance. My vision was to start my own coaching business and as of a week ago I actually have my first client... and more and more on the way. (This experience) has given me a whole new sense of my own personal power and a real connection with my purpose. I am now excited to help people around me reach new levels that they didn't think or realize were possible for them.

Chad Elbert Manager

After all, the reason why I immigrated into the United States was because I absolutely did not want to settle for a Mediocre life. If I wanted that I would have stayed in my Mother country.

When I came to the US, I was transformed into a human doing – working all the time, spinning the wheel and not producing any real results as far as my qualify of life and my fulfillment from living a good life go.

Many years later I finally realized that “if I keep doing what I’ve always done..” – you know the rest.

So, I changed things – in a MASSIVE WAY!

And, everything started falling into place – NICELY!

Now, mind you, my transformation is not complete – and it will never be complete, as the travel toward light never ends. It’s an ongoing process. (And, I love the process!!)

But, I am no longer a human doing – I AM A HUMAN BEING!

I have learned to appreciate and enjoy the small things in life.

I can say that I live in an almost constant state of abundance – a result of a constant deep appreciation of all the things that I BE and HAVE, which I was blind to in the past!

So, what is the difference between ME NOW and ME THEN?

ME THEN: Living largely in the drift
ME NOW: Living largely in the flow

That’s all that changed!

What does living in the drift result in – MEDIOCRE LIFE

What does living in the flow result in – LIFE OF FULFILLMENT

Here are the characteristics of those who settle to live in the drift and those who (like me) choose to enter the flow:


– blame everybody and everything for their mediocre results
– complain frequently
– repel friends and relationships
– believe that luck is a factor and they are not “lucky”
– allow outside circumstances to create their inner results
– use the word “hope” excessively
– use the phrase “I need to”
– say “I should”
– characterize themselves as “hard workers”
– believe that they don’t have what it takes to succeed
– live with the deep belief that “I’m not enough”
– are frequently stopped by limiting beliefs
– live in the “lack” zone
– are focused on how money is leaving their bank accounts
– frequently wake up with the “cup half empty” attitude
– believe that resources are scarce and there’s not enough for everybody
– have money BUT’s (“I really want this, but…”)
– think that life is a “win-lose” game and that they are on the losing end
– don’t have a vision and a mission that guide them in life
– don’t have clarity about their Life’s Path
– lack confidence
– like to reside in their Comfort Zone
– are SPECTATORS in life
– judge themselves and judge others
– are strongly concerned with what others think of them
– usually, find themselves in the company of other complainers
– act as black holes, sucking the energy out of others who have a lot to give


– know they are fully responsible for their results
– praise and celebrate others for their achievements
– are attractive and charismatic
– believe that setting an intention, taking inspired action, and producing results is entirely up to them – AND NOBODY ELSE!
– know that they are the CAUSE and the results they inevitably see are the EFFECT
– use words like “inspiration”, “joy” and “happiness” frequently
– use the phrase “I get to”
– say “I will”
– love what they BE (which is also what they DO)
– know that they are enough
– know that it’s all up to them to create the outcomes they want to see in their lives
– identify sources of limiting beliefs and employ powerful tools to replace these with empowering beliefs
– live in the “abundance” zone – even if they are not financially wealthy!
– are focused on the opportunities – and the money – that are flowing into their life
– frequently wake up with the “cup half full” attitude, and if they don’t they have rituals to ground themselves right away
– know that resources are limitless and there’s plenty and more for everybody
– find creative ways to get what they want
– create only “win-win” situations in life
– have a vision and a mission that guide them in life
– have clarity about their Noble Purpose and Life’s Path
– are confident
– LIVE ON THE EDGE of their Comfort Zone
– are CREATORS in life
– appreciate and love themselves and others
– are not concerned at all with what others think of them – they are truly FREE
– usually, find themselves in the company of other fulfilled people
– act as batteries, charging others who are in their company

Most of us operate predominantly in the DRIFT zone and some of us operate predominantly in the FLOW zone (very few enlightened individuals reside permanently in the FLOW domain – and I’m not one of them!).

How can you tell which is your predominant domain?

Answer these questions.

Do you like the balance of your results and outcomes in life so far, or do you not like them?

Do you feel largely fulfilled in life or do you feel largely discontent?

Do you feel like time and opportunities are passing you by?

Do you fear having a lot of regrets later in life (ex: “I should have.. but I didn’t!”)

If you…

– don’t like the balance of your outcomes in life,
– if you are largely discontent,
– if you feel like opportunities are passing you by,
– if you fear having a lot of regrets later in life

…then you are living in the DRIFT zone!

If that is where you find yourself, I invite you to fill out the application form, accessible through the buttons below.

My mission is to empower you so that you permanently move your residence from the DRIFT zone and into the FLOW domain!

This is for serious students ONLY who want to create a LIFE OF MEANING and DEEP PURPOSE for themselves, and who want to inspire others with how they BE in their own lives!

My current one-on-one clients are highly determined individuals who are strongly committed to make that SHIFT toward a life of fulfillment and to never ever return to the drift!

If the above describes you, apply for Private Mentorship by filling out the application form, accessible through the buttons below.

Hi-Power Life Coaching & Mentorship

  • Gain Clarity of your Core Purpose and Vision
  • Identify what drives and motivates you. Harness that power to move with decisiveness toward your Vision
  • Pinpoint exactly what's stopping you and how you are resisting your own success. Create an action plan to move through the resistance and the barriers
  • Identify Limiting Beliefs that are stifling your true potential
  • Free yourself from the feeling of Lack and Scarcity and begin consistently experiencing a sense of Abundance
  • Master tools and powerful strategies for overcoming resistance and hesitation
  • Begin to free yourself from the Fear of Disapproval and Judgement
  • Gain access to and begin practicing powerful strategies and tactics for increasing your Self-worth
  • Bring your Confidence to entirely new heights (Confidence based on Evidence)

Hi-Power Fat Loss and Improved Body Composition Coaching

  • Ut to 20 LBS fat loss
  • Learn and master powerful Concepts and Strategies for continuing to get results, and for keeping your results long-term
  • Convert the strategies and techniques taught into a Lifestyle, and gain the ability to live a "normal life" without diets and training schedules while staying in your Best Shape ever
  • Upgrade your mindset with a powerful toolkit for powering through resistance and for generating persistence - a toolkit that you can use in virtually any area in your life
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Hi-Power Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

  • Gain access and begin mastering powerful Movement, Nutrition, and Mindset concepts and strategies
  • Learn and apply to your Lifestyle the power of "Training less, living more", while getting consistent results in body re-composition
  • Learn to practice a Lifestyle that supports health, wellness and functional abilities that we are naturally adapted to
  • Grow your Confidence not only about how you look and feel, but also about what's possible in other areas of your life