Hey there!

If you are reading this you are someone who is highly determined to live life on your own terms. 

You are fed up with the current situation, and you've decided that things must change - NOW... or even sooner!

You know that there's so much more to life than what you are experiencing - and you are determined to get there fast!

If that's the case - continue reading...

Let's be honest here!

You are not here to hire a coach. You are not here to invest in a coaching program.

You are here for one reason only - YOU WANT RESULTS NOW!

I am aware of that. Very aware!

So, let's talk about results!

  • If you are absolutely serious about living an extraordinary life - and ON YOUR TERMS, and
  • If I feel that we are a good match energetically (very important - it's the only way for us to work together)

Then this is what's going to happen...

As soon as we begin our work, you will make a powerful decision that everything is changing now. It's a done deal. It has already happened and it's non-negotiable!

You will then bring the best version of yourself into reality. And, you will commit to powerful, inspired action from a place of alignment with who you are in your true power and glory!

Then your reality will begin to adjust in order to match the person that you have decided that you are!

The results are...

  • You will come in alignment with your True Self - you will begin to trust your Intuition, your own inner signal
  • You will discover your True Purpose and will start living life from a place of Purpose, and Fulfillment
  • You will find your true voice and will begin to share your true message with the world - from an authentic, pure place - free from fear, doubt and limitation
  • You will answer the call to be, do, and have more - in fact, if you can imagine it you can have it - all of it!
  • You will create Financial Freedom and will start living life on your own terms!

Sounds good?

Let me tell you who my Soul Client is - a main condition in order for us to work together:

My Soul Client

  • You know deep on the inside that you were born for more!
  • You are committed to being the best version of yourself - now!
  • You want to live life on your terms - no matter what it takes!
  • You are ready to impact the world in a meaningful way!
  • You love challenges!
  • You are fun to work with!

If that is you, fill out the form which you can access by clicking the button below. I will get back with you shortly.

~ Ivan
Choice Creator
Expansion Advocate

What My Clients Are Saying...

I was in a place of a lot of extreme doubt. I knew that there was more than I can provide to the world. I wanted to learn from a guy that, to me, just embodies taking on life and being a role model. That's why I reached out to you.

The biggest result (of working with you) is a complete reframing of the way I even spoke and though, and really shifting from a scarcity mindset to abundance. My vision was to start my own coaching business and as of a week ago I actually have my first client... and more and more on the way.

(This experience) has given me a whole new sense of my own personal power and a real connection with my purpose. I am now excited to help people around me reach new levels that they didn't think or realize were possible for them.

Chad Elbert Manager

I now have a way of making some money at home so that I can actually stay home full time, which is what I wanted really since my child was 4 months old when I went back to work.

Now I'm going to be able to stay at home with him and be able to pursue these passion projects but still make good money. I'm not sure how I pulled that off, but it doesn't really matter.

I feel like this was the first big way I've proven to myself that I can create whatever I want. Now, I'm feeling like, ' What else is possible?' I feel powerful actually!

Tracy Barksdale Entrepreneur

Ivan is a powerful coach. His depth of understanding the human psyche is unparalleled. As if that weren't enough, he was able to shift my mindset from a place of being stuck in analysis paralysis and inaction by distraction to action with results in such a short time span.

I was dizzied by the speed of the transformation as I went from disempowering beliefs that no longer served me to empowering beliefs that came from the action I took as a result of Ivan's coaching.

He is a master at gentle tough love with results-oriented mindset. How he was able to gently yet firmly shift me after I had tried everything including a Tony Robbins coach, I don't know. He coaches from the heart and got me in touch with mine and got me to act on my true purpose in life.

Rahul Sangave Entrepreneur

I had a lot of self doubt and was stuck on limiting beliefs

I created a system of checks, balances and actions.

Ivan is a great coach and inspiration. His insight and communication are on a whole othet level. Even if you are unsure of your problems give him a few minites and you'll be on your way to a much happier life! If you feel lost choosing out of the many life coaches out there then I suggest you look no further. He's as good as they come!

Rich Yang