Freedom Week

What if you could discover – and remove – what’s been holding you back in life in just one week? What if you could change how you view yourself – and what’s possible for you – in just one week?

How does Freedom Week work?


Step 1: Fill out the “Getting to know you” form

Fill out this short form. If there’s a match between what you are seeking to overcome and what I can help you with I will contact you to schedule a 15-min consultation call.



Freedom Week Starts


1st conversation: 15-min “Getting to know you” call


On this call, I’m going to ask you a few questions to find out if, or how, I can best help you. If I am absolutely certain that I can help you I will invite you to schedule the next call – the “Freedom call”.

The 15-min consultation call is at no cost to you, and there is no obligation to continue with Freedom week after that.


2nd conversation: The “Freedom call”


In a 90-minute deep-dive session, we will reveal and identify the beliefs and the limiting constraints that are deeply rooted in your subconscious mind that are the cause of your challenge(s) in life. And then we will erase them so that they are no longer a factor that negatively influences your present and your future.

With that, we will have opened space for the FREE version of you to emerge!

Note: If at the end of the “Freedom call” you don’t feel completely transformed and upgraded in a way that “doing” life the same way as before seems absolutely impossible – you will NOT pay for Freedom Week!


3rd conversation30-min Post-Integration call


This is a follow-up call where we assess the changes and the transformation that have taken place after the Freedom Call.

We will also map a plan on how to continue moving forward in order to deepen and widen the scope of your transformation.

With this last conversation Freedom Week is complete.



Freedom Week is FREE unless you are completely transformed! And, if you are – the price for unlocking your life is just $350

Before I met Ivan, I felt that I played too small in life, and something kept me from being genuine and authentic. Recently, I just had a Freedom Week coaching session with Ivan. After our meeting, I felt more real and less fake. I no longer ask permission from people to be me anymore.
Alex Iambroszki
I spent thousands in coaching before and it didn’t help me take consistent action or make permanent changes. With Ivan’s approach, in just an hour or two, he can help you become aware of beliefs holding you back and shift your identity and you can start seeing changes fast.
Timothy Luckcock
IT Student