If that’s the price I have to pay

“Ivan, you should keep your page focused on one topic. Otherwise, you are confusing people about what you are about!”

Me: I’m not really interested in following marketing rules. I’m interested in expressing myself exactly how I want to express myself.

“But you know, people who are doing this well usually keep their pages and social profiles focused on a single topic – the topic that showcases what they are the best in the world in. You are posting what you like, it seems.”

Me: That’s totally fine. I don’t have a personal instagram and a professional instagram (or whatever the SM of your choice is). I have a “me” instagram.

To be blunt, I absolutely and categorically refuse to submit myself and my choice of expression to the small size of the current marketing “boxes” of the world we live in. I am – and will continue – to express myself exactly as I wish and exactly as I feel it is right for me to express myself at each and every moment.

I may choose to share what’s alive in me at the moment. I may choose not to. But I will not choose to not express something because it’s “out of line with my niche”.

Besides, I don’t have a niche. I’m not the best in the world in anything. I do a few things quite well. That’s all.

“Well, then you are going to experience the effects of this. One of which is: people don’t know what you’re about. And, they won’t stick around long enough to figure you out and ask to work with you.”

Me: If that’s the price I have to pay I’m gladly and cheerfully willing to pay it. I’d much rather do me than risk some people getting confused about what I’m about and leaving.

Those who need an “on focus specialist” are free and more than welcome to find the narrow specialist they desire to be around.

I will just do me.

And, I will pay the price.

. . .

Only… I don’t think it’s a price I am paying.

It’s actually a reward that I am gladly accepting.

And, the reward is – I get to be around people who are not disturbed to witness someone expressing himself the way he feels right at the moment.

Moreover, the reward is I get to be around people who are not afraid to be themselves. And, that’s amazing!

“But but but… you are too much even for me!”

Me: Cheers ? ? ?

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