In a world of “success” and glitter…

In a world of success, celebrities, glitter, NY times best-selling authors, public figures with 100’s of thousands or even millions of followers don’t you find it hard to relate deeply?

There are a lot of examples out there of what I think I want (which I unconsciously believe will help me feel the way I want to feel)

But there’s often this: “Amazing! But… I’m not like you. I don’t have / I am not all of this.”

It’s inspiring for sure. But, there’s a lack of deep relating – there’s no “He’s just like me – a normal human being” going on in my system.

Have you felt like this before?

Is it uplifting?

Or, is it a bit deflating?

I’m not saying that success, accolades, etc, shouldn’t be visible. Not at all.

What I’m saying is I’m longing to see more masterful and deeply steeped in authenticity intros, bios, SM profiles, etc.

Obviously, I cannot “make” others do that.

But I can definitely be one who puts his money where his mouth is – not just talks about it and then does nothing!

(The role of complainer is by no means appealing to me)

I just wrote a (rather long in my usual style) bio for Clubhouse

(You don’t have to read this… but it may be fun.)
. . .

Just a man who’s walked the path of knowing, forgetting, slowly remembering again. Still remembering. So much has been forgotten. So much to remember.

Not a NY Times best-selling autho

Don’t have any scientific papers published

Have failed in a marriage once

Reduced myself to just two bags of clothes, massive debt, and nothing more at the age of 43 (there was a reset button there after all)

Don’t have millions of followers on any SM (gosh “follower” that’s what their goal was when I was growing up in socialism/communism)

An introvert who’s learned to operate as an extrovert, but still charges his batteries as an original, fair trade-certified introvert

Spent a big part of my life in confusion and frustration

Still figuring things out

I’m not the best in anything in the world. I’m just above average in a few things.

Some of the things I’ve learned to do well..

Deep listening

Ethical persuasion and influence? Hardened mindset unsetting and resetting

Practical physical conditioning and body nourishment (inheritance from a past life)

Pistol craft (also from a past life… well, a past identity at least)

What I do: I help others bring their message and gifts out into the world.

I do that by helping them come in alignment with their inner compass, upgrade their mental models of the world, learn to gracefully overcome fear and resistance.

Big Message: You are infinitely more than you think
I choose to believe that:

You are not broken. You were told that you are – and you’ve believed it

The past exists only in your head. Your past doesn’t define you. Your present thoughts about the past define you

“Fear” is just a collection of sensations in the body (thanks @jesseelder for opening my eyes to this)

Confidence is the result of taking action. It’s an effect, not a cause

The best space to live life from is a peaceful ethical unapologetic powe

A free independent thinker and a self-authorized individual (level 6) is the biggest antidote to heard mentality & group thinking (level 4) 

Being unapologetically yourself is polarizing – and that’s absolutely great – others get to remember that they have a choice

The ability to handle discomfort is a learnable skill

I’m here to add value to other people’s lives and to create deep meaningful relationships, possible partnerships with the potential to empower many.

Welcoming meaningful connections @selfauthorized on Telegram
. . .

If your intro / bio is done in a similar authentic “this is what you get with your purchase” style please put a link in the comments below. I’d love to read, relate, and be inspired.

If you know others who intro themselves, I’d love to know their names – tag them below or mention their names and the platforms where they are currently creating.

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