The not enough gene

The “Not enough” Gene

Scientists have finally discovered the gene that’s causing not-enoughness!

It took such a long time because the gene itself was feeling not enough and as a result of that, it was really small and not fully expressed.

You get that this is a joke, right? I just made it up.

There is a point that this joke sets us up perfectly for.

We get to it now…

It is a ridiculous idea that the vast majority of all the people on this planet at one time or another and to different degrees are all experiencing themselves as not enough.

Not good enough, not smart enough, not tall enough, not young enough, not wealthy enough, not good-looking enough, not thin enough…

You get the idea.

This is understandable considering that – again – the vast majority of us grew up in dysfunctional families.

“Dysfunction” is a sliding scale of course.

Some of us grew up in a family where there was only an occasional disagreement. Some – where the experience of trauma (emotional, psychological, physical) was the norm.

I wish I knew what I’m sharing with you today decades earlier. It would have saved me decades of living in inadequacy and insecurity.

I wish I knew this:

“Not enough” IS NOT a default setting – nobody shows up with an instructional manual that says “[Name] is not good enough by way of factory settings”.

“Not enough” IS NOT in the genetic makeup of any one person.

“Not enough” IS NOT a sentence (but it is when experienced as truth – that’s the drama).

“Not enough” IS a learned subconscious emotional knowledge across a wide area of life contexts (job, family, finance, health, relationships, etc).

“Not enough” IS a story (with ample proof) – a story that started forming around the age of 2 (it didn’t exist when you were born).

“Not enough” IS a lie that is experienced as truth…

But only until there is an AHA moment that causes a permanent shift in one’s perspective about oneself.

If any of the statements above gave you that AHA moment just now, you may already be experiencing yourself as a little bit lighter and freer.

And here’s where it gets even better:

As the days and weeks pass, with a commitment to embodying this new realization about yourself, and with the responsibility to become (more accurately to “remember”) who you can be without this lie, you will find that the way you relate to life, in general, will dramatically change.

I hope that you truly get what I am sharing with you here.

It’s critically important – and here’s why:

First, if you truly “get” this you will live the rest of your FREE from the old energetic expression of not-enoughness, inadequacy, insecurity, and lack. This means you get to access far more of your still dormant potential.

And, second – which is even more important – you get to do your part in upleveling humanity.

How so?

By allowing the world to experience you as the YOU that you truly are beneath all your inadequacies and insufficiencies – the entire planet becomes a better place for all of us.


NOT(!) being not enough is perhaps the highest form of leadership.

NOT(!) being not enough is healing and highly medicinal for all humanity.


Are you enough?

I don’t know that and I cannot say that.

What I know is that you are NOT(!) not enough.

Allow this experience to penetrate your being.

Allow it to remind you in a powerful way of who you have always been without this lie.

Not for yourself only.

For all of us.

Much love –