Trapped In Your Body

Guys, do you feel trapped in your body? Like your current level of health & fitness is holding you back from the life you want?

Here's what I mean... A lot of us in our 30's and 40's have put more emphasis on advancing in our careers, and we have been neglecting our bodies, our physical conditioning.

Now, as we are starting to achieve some financial and professional success and we have more free time, it is harder to ignore that our lives outside of work are less fulfilling than we would like them to be. And our brains might have gotten us to this point in the office, but not all of the good stuff in life happens from 9-5.

If you aren't sure what I mean by "being trapped in your body", that's fair. It means different things to different people, from the simple vanity to a deeper impact that can affect your relationships with your friends, family, and lovers as well.

Here are a few examples, see if any of them resonate...

=> Do you secretly live a life of shame and embarrassment because of how you look? Do you constantly feel judged by others?

=> Is your confidence only a fraction of what it used to be? Do you find that your social circle is shrinking as your waist is expanding?

=> Are you hesitant to pursue sexual/intimate relationships because you are embarrassed by how you look with your clothes off?

=> Are you joining dating sites to meet people, but are hesitant to meet them in real life? Are your social media profile pics all 5 or 10 years old because you are ashamed by the way you look today?

=> Do you hide or run when people pull out cameras at weddings, parties, or even family reunions?

=> Are you refusing invites to hang out with your friends at the pool because you are ashamed to take your shirt off?

=> Are you not able to fully enjoy play time with your kids because you can't move like you want to?

=> Is your performance suffering at work because of lack of energy, discomfort, or even physical pain?

=> Have you been avoiding fun/physical activities with your friends because your body just doesn't move like it used to?

That list should make it obvious that our physical condition can have an impact on our state of mind as well. But it is possible to turn our lives around if we are willing to work on the physical side AND the mental side.

I'm not saying it is easy, but it is better than living a life of limitations, being trapped inside the only vehicle we have for making an impact on the world, or even enjoying it!

For years, I have been training myself and others to find the right combination of mental and physical health, and what it takes to make lasting change. Many of the same traits that are required for business success are critical to succeeding in my training as well, but they must be applied in a different way.

I've made a short video presentation that will show you how to get back in control of your body and your mindset.

Feeling trapped in your body sucks. Take the first step to put an end to that kind of life - starting today. Starting now.

Click here for my free training, and let's begin the journey toward that life you really want.


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