Afraid to be yourself? (Un)done

The most common problem people have is they live in chronic existential distress.

The biggest reason for that is people don’t dare to be themselves.

And, how that looks like in everyday life is…

  • Hiding, censoring yourself, muting yourself
  • People pleasing
  • Perfectionism
  • Downplaying everything
  • Not having clear boundaries or allowing your boundaries to be violated
  • Lack of sense of worth and importance – always putting yourself second or last
  • Making yourself small
  • Trying to fit into an externally defined container of what’s acceptable

Living this way is very heavy. It is exhausting.

If you are currently recognizing yourself in any of these points I listed above – you are not alone.

I’ve been most of those – for decades!

The vast majority of people have. Almost no one has been spared.

Yet, you don’t have to let how you’ve been for decades define you. It’s not you! It’s simply a primal expression of your natural need to survive.

And, all of it is fixable.

The great news is that you don’t have to go through a lengthy ‘change’ process where you learn to overcome your fears and build courage and confidence.

You simply have to change your perspective. And once you change your perspective how you view yourself, others, and life will change irreversibly.

The result is felt immediately – a new sense of freedom, inner peace, calmness, respectful assertiveness, peaceful power.

This is what I’ve experienced. And it’s why I show up the way I show up every day – not caring what other people think of me or what judgments they may have about me.

I want to take you through a process that I now understand very clearly…

A process of revealing the truest primal reasons why you are afraid to be truly authentic and self-expressed – and how to literally ‘step’ behind the fear and anxiety layer.

Once you understand how it all works your perspective will change in a way where…

  • You will no longer be bothered by the “what might others think of me” fear
  • You will have a new and profound level of appreciation for how you’ve lived your life so far (hint: you have never done anything wrong… EVER!)
  • And you will easily and organically give yourself permission to be your truest YOU

Not in a way that pushes others away (though when that happens it’s an expression of their own journey, not yours – you are simply the catalyst) – but in a way that inspires others to give themselves permission to be more of themselves, too.

Are you ready to go through this one-hour mind-models shifting process with me?

Are you ready to reclaim your freedom and at last feel in alignment with who you’ve always known deep down that you are but you haven’t dared to be?

*** If you are – on July 21st, 2022 (next Thursday) I am going to be teaching a Live Training titled: “Permission To Be Yourself NOW” ***

I’d love to see you there because I want to see you set yourself free.

And if you have doubts, if you think you’ve spent too many years being muted, in smallness, unexpressed, and not much can change now – – that’s even a bigger reason why you want to take this one-time class that I’ll be teaching.

See you there.

Here’s the registration link.

Looking so much forward to unpacking this life-altering topic with you.

Much love –


P.S. If the Live Training time doesn’t work for you – no worries. It will be recorded, and you will have full access to the recording and the worksheet to watch and work on at your leisure. Register here.