COMMITTED energy vs ATTACHED energy

Big words but…

I strongly believe that if you took a moment and really considered how this feels in your body, the way you show up for the things you truly want and the people you truly want in your life will never be the same!

COMMITTED energy vs ATTACHED energy

I heard this in a podcast. The invitation was to pause for a sec and get a feel of how the two energies truly feel in the body and how different they are.

I decided to go a step further and journal about it. I split the page in two and I started writing…

What shocked me were three things:

  1. How vastly different the two energies are (I mean they could NOT be more different really!!!)
  2. How long the “attached” list is compared to the “committed” list, and how much crap energy could be experienced on the attached side
  3. How perfectly “Love” and “Care” fit inside the “committed” column – for me I could literally replace “committed” with love and care!

I strongly, strongly encourage you to pause for a few seconds (or better yet – minutes… if you are committed) and truly connect with these two diametrically opposed energies.

And, then consider that there is a possibility that most of your actions up until this moment have come from attached rather than committed energy.

(I know many of my actions – and some even up until the moment of realization – have come from being attached… bleh).

I think that this has the potential to be a transformational realization for you if you really allow each one of the feelings on both sides of the table to be felt and experienced deeply in your body.

For a bigger effect you can even do your own journaling exercise and describe these energies for yourself – and then feel into them.

The point is to get a visceral experience of how they feel in the body – almost like a “fork in the road” situation, a choice that you will always have from now on.

And the question is: Is the action about to come from COMMITTED energy or is it about to come from ATTACHED energy?

And, if it’s the latter, you will have the opportunity to do the mindset work and ground yourself in the energy that’s loving and care-full!

Much love –