The ONE (unexpected) mindset shift that will change your life trajectory today

“If you keep doing what you’ve always done you’ll keep getting the results you’ve always gotten”

If you take this statement literally (as I used to) you will get stuck in a loop of repeating more of the same past.

This statement, taken literally WILL produce exactly what it is aiming to prevent.

First, who would even consider the wisdom of this kind of statement?

The person who painfully knows that they are still using only a fraction of their true potential, the person who will never settle for living their entire life, never finding out what they are truly capable of and what they are supposed to create in this world.

For anyone else this statement (and what I’ll share below) might be irrelevant.

Back to the statement above. What is this statement trying to teach?

It’s this: The same actions produce the same results. Different actions will produce different results.

Why would this statement, taken literally, create even a bigger problem?

Because of this: Different actions, taken from the same level of thinking will STILL produce more of the same results – NOT different results.

Even Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.”

The truth is this: Actions are NEVER the solution to a problem.

So then what is?

Thoughts! And thoughts arise in consciousness.

So to make the statement above work we will say: “If you keep thinking the way you’ve always thought you will keep doing what you’ve always done, and you’ll keep getting the results you’ve always gotten.”

I think now the solution becomes very obvious…

A new way of thinking from a new consciousness level.

How do you move to a new level of thinking?

That’s the tricky part.

The shortest way I can explain it is this. You have to move into a new YOU, a new Identity, a new Self-concept – and start doing your thinking from this new consciousness level.

The challenge is you have to assume an upgraded Identity (and consciousness) ahead of your current circumstances.

Not easy, but doable – with the right guidance and support. I have done this many times (every time I wanted to unlock a different level). Millions have done it and are doing it all the time (while many many more millions are spinning their wheels, trying to change their lives and get ahead without changing their thinking).

If you want to stop the cycle of sameness and move into a Self-concept that has the level of thinking, self-worth, and value-worth needed for a bigger impact than the one you are currently making – I can help you with that. Fill out this form and let’s get started.

(Waiting is far more painful than embracing the possibilities – even when it all feels very unfamiliar and uncomfortable.)

I want to leave you with this:

Know that there’s nothing wrong with you. You are not deficient in anything (though you’ve learned to think that you are – and it feels so much like “the truth”… IT ISN’T!!!).

The only thing that stays in your way is you – and your thinking about what’s possible (your current level of consciousness).

Love you.