Everything works out in the end

No matter where you are – that’s where you are!

And it’s perfect!

You might be at a point in your life where it’s hard to find things to be grateful for. You might be thinking “Why did this have to happen to me?”

And, it might seem that life is against you, that there’s some kind of a spell that you will never get out of… as if the entire universe is conspiring against you.

I spent years relating to myself and my life that way.

My life was a mountain of failures, missteps, and unfortunate events.

  • In 2009 I opened a healthy bakery and poured everything into it for 3.5 years. And the business didn’t make it. I spent the next 5 years living in the world of “I am a failed man, husband, provider.”

It wasn’t really a world. It was a small prison cell.

  • I was married for 13 years to a soulmate. I thought we were going to grow old together and be together even afterlife. It ended.

I entered a new phase of even deeper darkness. I couldn’t run fast enough from myself.

  • 16 years after immigrating to the United States and building a mid-class life with a house and two cars I found myself leaving the country with just two bags – exactly the way I came 16 years prior – with nothing to my name besides $80K debt.

I roamed Europe for a while with zero confidence, telling myself “Maybe that’s it. Maybe I wasn’t meant to experience an extraordinary life. Maybe my destiny is to live an average life of struggle.”

Existing daily in a world of scarcity and lack, self-bereavement, embarrassment, and shame feels like dying while still alive – all by some universal irony.

And, it wasn’t helping that I ended up in the spare bedroom of my mother in Bulgaria, relying on her for shelter and to even feed me because at one point I was so broke and so deep in lack and scarcity that I didn’t have a single dollar in my account.

Eventually, my journey took me to the other side of the globe – Malaysia.

And almost instantly my life changed in ways I couldn’t have even dreamed of some months prior.

  • I met some of the most extraordinary people, many of whom are now my extended family around the world
  • I not only rebuilt my confidence but took it to a level I didn’t know was available to me. Brand new confidence as a mentor, a role model, someone who can invite others to transformation just by being there
  • I ended up traveling around the world which I thought would never happen
  • My dream to work for a global brand became true. Even more so – it was a brand with the mission to inspire, transform and heal millions by providing alternative education

But most importantly…

I met my wife, my new soulmate.

And we have a beautiful and healthy baby boy. I live in West Europe. I get to be mentored by the best coaches on the planet. And, I get to mentor and coach people who I call “family” and “soulmates”.

And my work is truly rewarding and medicinal – for me and those, I am blessed to serve.

The reason I shared all of this with you follows below.

I wish I had known all of this when my life was crumbling to pieces – and it took not months but many years to watch the walls falling with no hope in sight.

Here’s what I didn’t know at the time:

I am exactly where I am right now. My life couldn’t be any different than it is right now. I am meant to be where I am right now.

I would never be presented with a challenge I cannot overcome. The size of the rock I am given to carry is exactly the size of the rock I need to break through what I am here to break through.

I don’t know why things are happening this way now – and I don’t need to know. I will know in the future.

Life is happening FOR me in ways I do not understand. And that’s okay. I don’t need to understand now. All I need to do is trust.

Everything works out in the end. I don’t know where “the end” is. And I don’t need to know.

One thing that I do know is that all along I had mentors all the time. And they helped me in ways I couldn’t have imagined…

  • They gave me new perspectives
  • They held new beliefs and a new self-concept for me until I could hold them for myself
  • They accepted me and held me exactly as I was until I could accept myself exactly as I was
  • They held a vision for me that I wasn’t ready to even consider – until I eventually embodied this vision
  • They significantly shortened the time it took for me to reemerge and rebuild myself (I didn’t have to figure it out all by trial and error)

All of this is why I now have the wisdom and the confidence that I have.

And this is why I do what I do – because strongly I believe in being coached and mentored.

It saved my life, it significantly shortened my path out of the bottom of the pit although at the time I didn’t believe that I could ever get out… I had started believing that I was doomed to live in smallness and regrets.

I’ll leave you with these words:

Remember that no matter where you are – that’s where you are! And it’s perfect!

And if I can emerge from total confusion, frustration, smallness, and lack – anyone can!

Including you!

Much love –


PS: If you resonate with any part of what I shared above and you are ready to receive help the way I did – I can help you. I am coming down from the mountain peak you are trying to climb.