Direct change intentionally

This is what the brain usually does [and it’s not good]…

After you finish reading this sentence, you will never be the same.

You are no longer the same person who started reading this text. You already changed.

The person who woke up this morning was different from the person who started reading this post.

The point I’m trying to make is this:

We change all the time – because we have new thoughts all the time – and we make new associations in our brains all the time as well.

Our brains change every second.

Until I understood this, I was (like the vast majority of people) missing out on a tremendous opportunity…

To direct that change.

And my life reflected that – I kept experiencing more of the same… which I didn’t want.

I kept asking myself why am I struggling all the time. And why can’t I get out of this?

Now you know the answer.

Here’s the key sentence:

If change is not intentionally directed IT WILL BE DIRECTED FOR YOU by the natural tendencies of your brain to constantly reference your past and project it into your future.

And if the future is already taken up by more of your past – it WILL look like more of your past.

And here’s where it gets even trickier:

The longer a person has lived more past losses (disappointments, failure, regret, shame) are accumulated.

And more past losses lead to a less appealing future.

So what is a person to do? – you may ask.

In the book “The almanack of Naval Ravikant”, Naval says something like (paraphrasing terribly): I don’t let my past tell me anything about who I am.

I find this to be great advice (though it’s simple to say, it’s not easy to do especially for those of us who are past our 30s… but that’s a different post).

So the only way out of this is to direct change intentionally.

Or – as you already know – it will be directed for you.

Much love ?