The true reason why you were born

Talking to my people… and their biggest fear

That they are going to waste their entire life living far below their potential.

That was my fear for decades.

And all it was causing was strengthening my doubts that maybe I was not meant to express my potential fully in this lifetime.

Deep inside there was…

  • A feeling of being abandoned by Life
  • The constant desperate and exhausting attempts to fix my broken parts
  • A shift from inspired action from BEing to desperate action from fear and lack

These ways of being became my ‘normal’. And convenient. And familiar!

(Btw that’s what makes getting out of there hard – there’s unconscious pay-off from staying with the familiar and not risking.)

And all of this resulted in my inner disappointment and sadness growing even more.

What I didn’t know all along was that I was beautifully guided on a journey of learning and remembering.

But I had to go through all of it. And I was to only know this looking back.

Here’s what I learned and remembered. Hopefully, if you are like me, this will give you more hope and strength to continue forging forward:

Learnings and revelations:

  1. We were all born with a karmic mission to go through certain “trials” to learn the lessons we are here to learn.
  2. According to this plan, our perceived limitations and doubts were “unlocked” for us after birth.
  3. Our limitations and doubts are our gifts. And those who “helped” us unlock them (caregivers, circumstances, etc.) are major players in our bigger growth journey.
  4. Limitations, doubts, insecurities, inadequacies, lack – these are the fears of the part of us that we are here to transcend.
  5. The “trials” along the way – people, events, circumstances – are the true helpers.
  6. The desire for betterment and achievement is a driving force to the above end, but not the end goal. It’s only the means to the end.
  7. The biggest roadblocks to overcome are: shame from the desire to be more, and fear of BEing all one can be.
  8. Not BEing everything one can be is a very believable dream that we call reality.
  9. This dream can be dreamt differently right now – without prerequisites, permissions, or time requirements.
  10. When the dream is dreamt differently – with the confidence of true knowing – reality changes in very unexpected ways – oftentimes without having to do anything.

Hiding from knowing all of this is suffering.

Acknowledging all of this is liberation.

The realities associated with how we view life and our circumstances progress differently as different timelines.

The choice is always ours…

And it can be made at any time.