Here’s why “wanting” is oftentimes very painful

…and how to want in joy instead of pain and suffering.

How often do you want to be somewhere else rather than where you now are?

And I don’t mean physically, but rather in the sense of “I’m not okay where I am right now and I want things to be different”.

If you are like most people, my guess is.. pretty often.

Okay. You know that I am in the business of liberating others from their own limitations, resistance, and suffering (because that’s been my journey, too).

So let’s talk about the TWO Energies of WANTING…

Energy 1: Resistance

Wanting to be somewhere else because I’m not okay with life the way it is right now. So I want it to change.

One powerful thing that my mentor Peter Crone taught me is this: You are always where you are and never where you WANT to be.

Why is this powerful?

Because the result of what we want is always in the future.

And we are NEVER in the future. We are always here in the present moment.

So every time we think “I want my life to be different” we are reinforcing that life is not okay the way it is right now, and we are in the scarcity energy of “not having” what we want.

The most important thing to understand is that wanting always happens in a present/now moment while what we want is always in the future – and we are never in the future.

And that’s in perpetuity – every time we “want”, the moment of wanting will be a present/now moment!

Energy 2: Acknowledgement, Acceptance, Responsibility

In this energy, we are in full acceptance of life the way it is right now. It doesn’t matter how we got here. And it doesn’t matter how long we’ve been here already.

The only thing that matters is that we are perfectly okay with how life is now – not resigned – simply okay, not resisting what is.

From this new energy of acknowledgment, acceptance, and inner peace we can now move into taking full responsibility for what it is that we want from life.

And it doesn’t matter when it’s going to happen, how long it’s going to take, or even IF it’s going to happen at all.

(That last part is because you can never know what’s truly best for you in the context of your bigger life journey.)

From this energy, we are now empowered and can move into a full and unattached commitment to exploring what else is possible – not because we must have it or else we’ll be unhappy… but because it’s fun to explore how far one can go in expanding their potential.

Bottom line: if energy 1 is the energy of resistance and suffering, energy 2 is the energy of inner peace, exploration, and possibility.

These are two very different energies, aren’t they?!

The only question is how soon will you find acceptance of how life is so you no longer have to fight life…

…and yourself!

Much love