This is exactly why you are good enough

I’m going to make a case for why you are worthy (you are good enough) without having to qualify for it – ever!

First, worthiness (good enough-ness) is the same as inherent value.

Great. So, now think of a baby.

If you’ve ever had a baby this will be easy for you to relate to. (I have a baby, now 7 months old, and this is very alive in me right now.)

When you think of your baby (or a baby) you don’t think “Oh, well, it’s kinda okay. Though, I’m not very happy with it because it’s not doing much – it’s not working, it’s not doing the dishes or cleaning the house, and it’s not helping with anything. It’s even creating a mess. So, I don’t know… but I’ll take care of it because I think it has a future potential – it might have some value in the future… I don’t know…”

Can you see how ridiculous this is?

Hear me carefully!!!

We love a baby for WHO THEY ARE, not for their future potential – to work, produce value, create, pay us back, etc.

There’s no expectation for them to “be of value” so they can be valuable now.


No conditions, no expectations for them to “deserve” or prove their value.

They are valuable by just being here, by being themselves, and by the fact that they are pure MIRACLE.

A baby’s value is inherent!

Guess what.

You are that baby. You are that miracle. Nowhere in your growing up and becoming an adult did you disqualify.

You are valuable now – meaning you are worthy and good enough…


You don’t have to deserve or prove your inherent value/worth.

Now I want to quickly address a couple of big sources of confusion:

1. Inherent value is different from Earned value.

Earned value is the value you put out into the word for which you receive value back (usually in the form of money).


Inherent value (worth) is NOT Earned value. It is inherent, intrinsic, inborn.

This is one big confusion where most people come to think of themselves as unworthy.

2. The second big source of confusion is a result of an unreconciled past (usually early childhood) where due to certain unfortunate circumstances many of us had to “decide” that we are unworthy and not valuable – just to make sense of what was happening (because this was the only way to explain it without having the capacity to reason and understand).

But in both cases – your inherent value never changed – it’s INHERENT!

Let me hammer it in one last time:

Just like a baby (your baby or any baby), you are worthy just because YOU ARE!

Nothing is required after the “are” above – NOTHING!

(Ex: You are smart, you are good-looking, you are skilled, you are a good citizen, parent, sibling, worker, etc – none of this is required!)

You are that baby. You never changed. You simply grew up and picked up on responsibilities…

…and lots and lots and lots of inadequacies, insecurities, scarcities, and fears.


Here’s my “prescription” for you:

Read this text at least one more time. Then sit with what you get from it long enough until you truly “get it” – not with your intellect, with your whole being.

Then go out in the world and be the full and complete YOU that you inherently are.

In case you want help with embodying your fullness in all categories of your life (career/work/finances, relationships, health and body) – I can help you. Reach out and let’s have a chat.

Much love ???