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The 3-step process for overcoming limitations

Have you ever felt like there’s something in the way of you reaching your life’s goals?

Or you may have been struggling to find fulfillment, joy, and meaning in your life.

And you have already tried some or all of the following: consumed days’ worth of youtube videos and articles, read many self-improvement books, took personal growth courses, attended seminars, events and retreats, tried positive thinking, meditated, asked friends for advice, etc.

But you are still stuck.

And you are starting to realize that what you’ve been trying so far is not working – and that you don’t have any idea how to get out of this situation.

If any of this sounds like you, you are not alone. I’ve felt the same way before.

And here’s what I’ve found (it’s profound, and I wish I had known this years ago)…

Most people will never discover who they truly are and what is even remotely possible for them.

And the reason is only one:

  • A severely limited view of themselves (from early childhood conditioning) and…
  • Believing that their view IS how life works and what’s possible for them

This combo of limiting mental models and perceptions is exactly what determines whether…

A person will live a life of joy, meaning, and impact – with highly-fulfilling relationships, meaningful work in the world, and an exciting personal life

Or a “safe” and relatively uneventful life, clouded by the constant feeling (and deep knowing) that there’s far more to it – but for some unexplainable reason, it all remains out of touch

I know this sounds quite gloomy. The good news is that there is a way out of it (of course there is!).

And it’s simpler than you might think.

Here’s what needs to happen for a person to stop struggling and start living a full and maximized life:

STEP ONE: Realize that WHO you THINK you are is NOT who you are – it’s merely your limited subconscious view of yourself, which is the root cause of your limited Self-concept (how you think and feel about yourself)

STEP TWO: Discover and remove the most significant and impactful subconscious limiting mental models and perceptions stemming from your early childhood conditioning

STEP THREE: Upgrade and elevate your subconscious view of yourself (and your Self-concept)

That’s the entire process.

It may sound complicated, but it’s pretty simple.

And, before you think this process must take years – it doesn’t!

It takes just hours to expose and erase the root causes of the old subconscious limited models of self, and then weeks to practice your new Self-concept until it becomes your most natural view of yourself.

And once this internal change and transformation is complete, your life will change to reflect your new way of perceiving yourself – much like a mirror reflects a perfect image of a person.

You can count on it working exactly that way for one simple reason: FREQUENCY (your view of yourself – your beliefs, mental models, perceptions, and thoughts) always precedes FORM (personal reality).

A quick check-in: If for some reason you still think that there is that ONE special video or an article that will “flip the switch” and suddenly fix it all – there isn’t.

I hope it’s clear to you that what you are up against is your own limited subconscious programming.

And what it takes is to quite literally rewrite the back-end coding of your mind.

Alright. Now that (I hope) you finally understand why you’ve been struggling all this time, and more importantly – how to interrupt the pattern of struggle and “code in” an entirely new and expanded view of yourself, it’s time to make a decision.

The decision is simple:

  • Continue trying to figure it out on your own (and hope it magically works someday)
  • Or get help and experience a radical and powerful shift at the core of who you think you are – in the next few weeks

To be clear, there are many people who are uniquely qualified to guide you in this kind of deep work.

I happen to be one of these people.

So, if your decision is to get help and get it solved now and for good – reach out to whoever you trust to help you with that.

If that’s me – reach out to me, and let’s have a chat in the next couple of days.

Either way, all I wish for you is that you do get to experience a life NOT of probabilities due to your unconscious negative expectations, but of PURE POSSIBILITY!

Because you truly deserve it (and there has never been a need to qualify for that kind of life)!

Sending you tremendous amounts of love

Yours truly –