The first step towards a dramatically improved quality of life

The first step towards a dramatically improved quality of life

Yesterday, on a coaching call I asked the client what were the main insights and shifts from our coaching so far.

She recalled all the mindset shifts and insights that now allowed her to see the world differently.

She said at the end that there was one unexpected thing that stood out for her regarding our work together…

She said: “During our coaching, you always kept bringing the focus back from other people, circumstances, and events on me.”

It was true. And here’s why:

Every problem a person will ever have is due to how they relate to…

  • themselves
  • their past
  • their present
  • their future
  • other people
  • circumstances
  • time

That’s it! Notice – the key phrase is “how they relate to”. The source of all problems is quite literally the perspectives that a person has!

A problem is NEVER outside of the person experiencing it (that’s initially a bit hard for people to accept).

And the solution is NEVER outside either.

It all comes down to how we relate to ourselves and our world!

My mentor Peter Crone has a saying: “No you – no problem.”

Once I understood that everything comes down to how I relate to my own circumstances and the people in my life (my own views) – everything changed…

I took all my power back from where I had previously given it (to my circumstances).

And my own resistance to life dropped from almost all the time to almost never.

And this is just my own life experience.

Understanding these simple relationships not only dramatically improved my life – it took my coaching to a level that I couldn’t have imagined before.

Now my clients get to experience this level of transformational and at the same time deeply empowering work.

It’s the kind of coaching work that:

  • permanently rewrites the back-end code of one’s mind
  • displaces hurt, resistance, quiet suffering, fear and avoidance with inner peace and eager anticipation
  • removes confusion and the constant need for answers from outside
  • teaches one how to provide safety, acceptance, and love to oneself – and stop looking for these from others (this is huge!)
  • ignites and deepens one’s inner self-confidence and loving self-regard
  • completely changes one’s aura by elevating their consciousness level (frequency)
  • liberates one from the shackles of their limited self-concept

This is the work I do with my clients.

It’s fun. It’s fast. And there are no prerequisites (all limiting self-definitions are invited to the party).

And it’s guaranteed to work – not because I can guarantee these results but because I’ve seen it time and time again – this process rapidly and reliably changes the source code of the unconscious mind.

(The unconscious mind is what determines one’s outcomes and destiny – it’s millions of times more powerful than the conscious reasoning mind – for those of you who are more in your masculine).

If you are ready and eager to experience a permanent, fast, and powerful shift in how you view yourself and how you relate to your life (and watch how that’s quickly reflected back to you by upgrades in your reality) let’s talk.

I have a few spots open in the next 48 hours for consultations at no cost.

On a consultation call, I will help you understand why you are where you are, where you want to go – and what exactly is keeping you from achieving that (hint: it’s a blind spot).

And I will share with you exactly what you need to do to remove what’s in your way now so you can get where you want to go in the fastest possible way.

And if there is a deep resonance between us, and you want to know how I can help you – we can talk about that, too.

If that’s you – request a no-cost consultation call.

Looking forward to chatting with you and providing you with powerful new insights that you can use to start shifting your life now.

Much love –