How staying positive really works

Even most “experts” don’t understand this.

If you get this you will have one of the ‘big answers’ about how life works.

A mini-masterclass on reality creation

Let’s go…

1. All events are both positive and negative

From a quantum physics perspective, every event contains all possibilities.

Until you as an observer collapse it into just one solid reality frame.

If every event already contains all possibilities then it contains all possible positive and all negative outcomes.

2. Your beliefs decide your experience

What outcome you experience depends on your perspective.

Meaning your beliefs about yourself (self-view) and about how life works (worldview).

3. You can intercept your beliefs

Consciously choosing to “see” an event as positive “makes” it positive (although this might not be evident right away).

4. What you choose determines the rest of your life

Your life can take two entirely different paths.

Your choice about how to “experience” an event creates “a fork” in your timeline.

Your conscious choice to experience a neutral event as positive puts you on an entirely new “positive” timeline.

And because of this one choice, your life changes forever.

This happens multiple times every day. And your life trajectory changes as many times as this happens.

Have you thought about this before?