I stopped having problems 2 years ago

How I stopped having problems 2 years ago.

And I haven’t had a problem since. Here’s what happened…

If you get this you’ll never have another problem either.

I’m serious.

A mentor gave me a lightbulb moment:

“A problem is a perspective, not a thing.”

A problem doesn’t exist outside of someone who “has it”.

In other words, there aren’t free-standing problems in the Universe.

There are only neutral facts, circumstances, events.

People’s interpretations make them problems. Or not.

If this seems too far out there, consider this:

  1. Something happens – a fact
  2. You observe it and have a thought
  3. You decide you are not okay with what’s happening


  1. Fact: The car doesn’t want to start
  2. Thought: You are late for work
  3. Decision: That’s a problem

In other words, the problem lies in your not being okay with a situation.

Not in what’s happening – the facts.

Do you get this?

This is both simple and powerful.

? Next time someone says, “I have a problem” you will know what they are saying is, “I’m not okay with the facts”.

? Next time you think you have a problem remember that you don’t have a problem. You have a perspective.

And you can choose another perspective. Or not, of course 🙂

See the comments ? for proof that problems don’t exist.

Wishing you a problem-free week ahead.

And, with luck, a problem-free life.