Break the pattern of repeating the same limited past

How to break the pattern of repeating the same limited past over and over again

I sincerely believe that the text that follows bears the potential to radically and permanently change your understanding of how Creation works and how life can be designed purposefully and intentionally rather than “followed” reactionally.

First, I want to help you understand why most people tend to repeat their past with very little or no improvement. The negative side effect of that is they usually stop looking forward to the future because… it is going to be more of the same anyway.

Consider this. Our minds have evolved over a couple of million years to function as protecting and predicting machines (key terms – “protecting” and “predicting”). The reason is this:

From an evolutionary perspective, in the old times once a person learned that crackles in the nearby bushes meant with very high probability that a beast is probably about to launch an attack, every time they heard the crackling of twigs nearby that was a signal to run.

When something like this happened it was definitely not the right time to be using the brain to think and decide all over again what that sound in the bushes might mean.

In other words, thinking about a new future every single time seriously decreased our chances of survival. We had to develop the capability to predict the future based on our past knowledge and experiences.

True, a mind that works this way by default settings isn’t always serving us in the world we live in today. But it has served for a couple of million years. And, unfortunately, this is a part of our biology. And it will take many thousands of years (at least) to get the “updates” installed.

This simply means – it’s not happening for you and me in this lifetime. And that means we have to do something about it if we want to stop perpetuating an unfulfilling past and instead move toward a different and exciting future.

The good news is it can be done. The brain is a plastic (capable of change) piece of machinery. And, a lot of the mind happens there (“happens” because the mind is an activity, energy, not a thing).

(The mind is not only an activity of the brain by the way. The physical body is a part of the mind, too, but we’ll leave that for another time.)

So how does one disconnect a pattern of repeating the same limited past and move into a radically different future?

Here’s how – the steps:

  1. Realize (become aware) that if your PRESENT resembles your PAST – that is a direct result of a habitual way of thinking that is “predicting” and “pre-paving” your FUTURE based on your past (the future is, therefore “probable” for evolutionary reasons)
  2. Realize that pure POSSIBILITY lies only outside of your implicit and explicit memories of your past experiences and knowledge (PROBABILITY)
  3. Begin a new practice of exploring pure POSSIBILITY based on what you truly want to experience in the future through thinking outside of your past experiences and knowledge
  4. Practice, practice, practice daily – to make this new frequency your default energetic signature
  5. Every time you feel the urge to take action that’s aligned with this new energetic signature – take that action immediately or as soon as possible

That’s the entire process, described in the simplest way.

One point to make. As it comes to 5 above, the most important thing to understand is that your MAIN ACTION is 4 – practicing being in your new frequency, and not 5!

Now, with your new understanding of how life can be purposefully designed and directed, it’s time to implement the 5 steps above.

The sooner you do this, the sooner you will break your patterns of PROBABILITY (a highly probable and predictable future) and move into pure POSSIBILITY (a fully open future).

Much love –


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