There has never been anything wrong with you!

You’ll be surprised – or liberated – to know this:

The part that thinks that there’s something wrong with you was born a few years after you were born…

When you were born, there was nothing wrong with you. You didn’t come out of the factory with the note “Damaged, defective, messed up”.

You were innocent and authentic.

But sometime later, when you started to understand language – verbal and non-verbal – you started getting – and understanding – the signals that what you were doing is “wrong” and that the way you are being/behaving is “wrong”.

When that happened over and over and over again, you only had two choices at the time:

  1. To decide that the world is a messed up place, or…
  2. To decide that YOU are messed up

You went with the latter (we all go with #2) – because it was the only choice of the two that allowed you to retain some sense of control.

So, that helped you to adapt to the unique world you were experiencing – and survive.

The problem is that now – decades later – you are still surviving. You are still “knowing” and feeling on a deep subconscious level that you are messed up, that you are damaged goods, that…

You are a bad person.


Just to remind you again, you weren’t born that way. You “decided” this about yourself some time after you were born in order to make sense of your world.

Please, read that again. Because once you understand that, once you really REALLY understand that, once you EMBODY that you will never ever feel that there’s something wrong with you, that you are damaged goods.

And once you truly understand that, you will begin getting support from your Universe with constant evidence that you are – and have always been – perfectly fine!

I wish I had you right in front of me right this second so that you can SEE in my eyes how I see you…

I see you exactly as you were when you were born – innocent, authentic… perfectly fine! I KNOW that about you just like I came to know that about myself (I also lived for 40+ years “knowing” that I’m messed up by birth).

There’s nothing wrong with you! There has never been anything wrong with you!

It was just a decision you made about yourself in order to protect yourself, to adapt, and literally to make it this pain-full world where trauma and hurt are passed on from one generation to another.

Let this reach your soul. Breathe in. And breathe out. Feel the lightness.

That’s your default setting. Lightness!



My mission is to help liberate as many souls as I possibly can by being the mirror in which they can “see” who they really are, who they have always been but have forgotten.

Awareness is your #1 tool always. You cannot “unsee” what you have once seen. Can I help you “see”?

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