If you still don’t know your purpose

Let’s make things easy…

What’s your purpose in life?

What’s the highest purpose in every-single-person’s life?

I just had a mastermind call with soulmates. And this came up in the call.

And it asked to be spoken about. Revisited again. Contemplated in later quiet hours (which is where this text is originating).

Powerful questions that I’ve spent years banging my head against the wall trying to understand.

I do know today.

And… I oftentimes still forget… and get carried away inside the physical world of achievement.

The purpose in life is not to build businesses, make lots of money, acquire things, leave a legacy, or help save the human race

(Though it might inspire those things… and that’s fine as long as we don’t get confused and carried away).

The real purpose in every person’s life is this – ready?

Two levels:

? At the human level, it’s to feel fully alive as often as possible.

? At the grandest level, it is to strip away everything that is NOT YOU and to remember that you are pure Consciousness – the stuff of which everything is made…

And do that while you are still in a human body.

That’s YOUR purpose.

That’s my purpose, too.

So my friend shared in the mastermind call how he gave himself permission to close the laptop and go have a pillow fight with his son.

He felt fully alive – far more than while “building the big stuff” which is what he was doing on his laptop.


Yesterday I got to receive my baby son at the airport – he and his mom were away for 5 days.

My heart was so open the moment I took him in my arms. I couldn’t get enough of the feeling of his little body trustingly leaning against mine.

However, I missed a few hours of work and “building big stuff” – I was at the airport instead of at my laptop.

But you know what?

I felt fully alive.

And… I was on purpose ??

Much love