You have never done anything wrong – ever!

If you really get what I’m about to share with you – and if you let it in – you’ll never be the same!

I know this is a bold statement to make… but you be the judge at the end. You tell me!

Today I had a beautiful connection call with another coach.

We were in the same mastermind for coaches for the past 6 months, mentored by our teacher Peter Crone.

The mastermind just ended. She asked me:

“What was the insight from the last 6 months that transformed you the most?”

I said, I had many.

But the one that had a really profound impact on me was when I heard him say:

“You have never done anything wrong – ever!”

This is why this was so profound for me:

It enabled an entirely new level of self-acceptance…

Exactly as I am.

With all the things “I’ve done to others” that I was still judging myself for.

And because of this new level of self-acceptance…

  • I stopped secretly feeling that I am a bad person
  • I completely stopped fighting with myself (more accurately – fighting my past self)
  • I have also made peace in advance with my future mess-ups… because I’ll mess up again
  • I now have an entirely new level of compassion for myself

And all of this amounts to an entirely new level of inner peace.

But that’s not all.

It also took my ABILITY TO RELATE to others to a level that I didn’t previously know existed. (This alone skyrocketed my coaching skills!)

And as a result, every time I get to be with another person (including with a client) my default “baseline” is this:

  • They have never done anything wrong – ever!
  • They did what they did, which was absolutely appropriate for the level of awareness and the tools they had at the time
  • They did what they did – and there are CONSEQUENCES, and there’s RESPONSIBILITY. But it wasn’t “wrong”!
  • Right now they judge themselves because they think it’s “them” who did what they did. It it wasn’t. They are NOT the same person. Even an hour ago they were a different person – they have already changed (new thoughts, new experiences, new body cells, etc.)
  • They deserve to be held in nothing but compassion x 100
  • They absolutely deserve to be FREE from the deep-rooted feeling that they are “a bad person”

Here’s a quote that Peter Crone uses often: “What happened happened. And it couldn’t have happened any other way… because it didn’t.”

I’m sharing this with you because I know that no matter who you are or where you are in life, there are parts of you that you are still refusing to fully accept.

And you absolutely – and UNCONDITIONALLY – deserve to feel whole and at peace RIGHT NOW! Not in six months, not “some day when…”, and definitely not never!

Right NOW!

I invite you to pause here and sit with this – really sit with this…

You have never done anything wrong – ever! You did what you did – and there are consequences. But it wasn’t wrong!

And you are not a bad person.

You are just like me and like all the rest of us who have done things we regret doing (all of us have!)…

…but have eventually stopped using against ourselves.

This is simply human nature. And being human is exactly what we are here for.

Not the money, not the fame, not the achievements, not the legacy.

But to be fully in our human experience – and everything that comes with it.

That’s the ultimate journey!

Much love –


P.S. If you are ready to heal your relationship with yourself so you can heal your relationship with others and Life itself – I can help. Request a consultation when you are ready to explore this new level of growth, expansion, lightness, and freedom.