Why it gets hard before it gets easy

It always gets hard first before it gets easy, especially one you commit to something big!

Have you noticed that?

  • Someone decides to lose weight and starts on a program. The first few weeks suck. And the scales don’t move at all… sometimes the scales even go up.
  • Someone decides to go all in financially investing in their own growth and expansion. It’s the last money they have… And all of a sudden they get a big unplanned expense, a bill, or the tax collectors knock on their door to let them know they owe more money
  • Someone decides to make the relationship with their partner (or parent or sibling) work… And all of a sudden it seems the other person starts pushing their buttons even more and harder than before

If one or more of these look and feel a lot like your experience in life, I hate to be the one that breaks it to you but you are not that special – this is EVERYBODY’S experience in life.

Why is that? Why does it get harder first before it gets easier… especially once you commit?

Because Life (or Universe or whatever your word is) is supporting you so much that it will curate the circumstances to test the levels of your commitment and your resolve.

And you will either give up (which means you weren’t truly committed).


You will overcome the hard period (and in the process – grow and expand tremendously just by having to overcome the extra curve balls).

If you think about it with both outcomes you are tremendously helped.

You either save yourself from a much bigger disappointment. Or you get much closer much faster to your next level of Self (which is the true objective with any sort of commitment!).

So whether you are now in the “hard” period or not, keep this in mind…

It always gets hard before it gets easy. And that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be.

Because Life supports always supports you!

Especially when it seems like Life has abandoned you!

Much love ?