Lower body exercises – beginner to intermediate (HD Video)

In this video I demonstrate what I consider to be the most important of the basic to intermediate lower body bodyweight exercises. If you haven’t done any sports or you haven’t done sports in a while and you are interested in building a good foundation these are the lower body exercises you should consider.

There are 16 lower body exercises in this video. These exercises should be performed in reps range from 5 to about 25 reps. Obviously, for some of the more intermediate exercises like the Pistol Squat you should be aiming at the lower reps number. Five reps for this exercise is considered very good. On the other hand, bodyweight squats and jumping squats are considered beginner lower body exercises and are easy enough – once you get the technique right – to be practiced in 15-25 reps per set.

Here is a breakdown of the exercises:

1. Basic bodyweight squats
2. Jumping squats
3. Standing bodyweight calf raise
4. Weighted standing calf raise
5. Crouching position bodyweight calf raise
6. Crouching position weighted calf raise
7. Alternating leg lunge
8. Back step alternating leg lunge
9. Forward walking leg lunge
10. Jumping lunge
11. Bridge
12. Single leg bridge
13. Burpees
14. One-leg block climb jump
15. Bodyweight pistol squats
16. Weighted pistol squats

Ivan Nikolov

Ivan Nikolov is a former competitive natural bodybuilder, an entrepreneur and an avid explorer of the human potential for self-mastery. Ivan currently helps highly-motivated individuals unlock their true potential by achieving clarity, generating inspired forward momentum, and answering their inner call to be, do, and have more in life. He is in constant pursuit to find ways to be of service to others and to help advance humanity in any way he can - even if that means one human being at a time. Ivan currently resides in the Austin, Texas.