Mission 1K: 1,000 Complimentary Coaching Sessions in 500 Days

[This is long. And, it’s a journal of sorts – for my own clarity and fear alchemy reasons]

What I’m about to post below is very scary for me..

Because once I hit the “post” button there’s no way back!

Here we go

. . .

A Mission that scares the heavens out of me:

I’m embarking on a huge personal mission – to gift 1,000 complimentary 30-min coaching sessions to 333 individuals (3x30min per individual) in 500 days

And finish by July 30, 2022 – my 48th birthday.

That’s 2+ coaching sessions every single day for the next 500 days

Will you help me get the word out?

This is the application page: https://ivannikolov.com/1000

. . .

A few (hundred) words about my internal struggle around this mission

I’ve been staying with this strong compulsion for a while now.

The reason: I wanted to make sure that it’s something that I’m not just excited about for a bit and then it will leave me.

It has stayed.

To be honest, I went through a whole process of questioning this mission – and myself – from all possible directions.

First, I asked what are all the reasons why I SHOULDN’T DO THIS?

And, I told myself, I’m not going to do this unless all of these NO reasons convert to a YES – then I know it’s real.

My “shouldn’t do this because” were:

  • This will take almost 21 days (and nights) of my life
  • It will make me too accessible to many people (which is against my personal boundaries)
  • My intentions may not be clean (I have motives that are self-serving and aren’t just about giving)
  • People must pay in order to value my coaching (and I’ll be giving this for free, which means they won’t value it)

I took my time to journal about each one of these while being completely honest with myself.

They all became a Yes.

For one of them – not having clean motives – I had to go through a process of self-acceptance and self-forgiveness at a whole new level…

While letting the following sink in deeply:

  • I am the No. 1 person of importance for me
  • I have an Ego and not only is it absolutely okay to be selfish and self-serving (from a win-win place of course) but it’s also a requirement for my growth and for living a life I truly want to live

(I am just a normal human being and nothing human is foreign to me)

Next, I wrote all the reasons why I must do this (of course I included the reasons with the initial “self-serving-you-are-a-bad-man” judgment).

In the commitment and successful completion of this project I will:

  • Build much deeper skills and a level of mastery in coaching and leadership that few coaches out there have
  • Feel a true sense of purpose and impact: I will finally (and perhaps for the first time in my entire life) feel that I am doing something truly meaningful – and that my being alive really matters
  • Be the catalyst for major shifts and aha moments for others, play a role in completely changing the life trajectory of dozens or even hundreds of individuals
  • Acquire new clients: If I serve many individuals powerfully, at least a few of them will ask to work with me at my current premium rates
  • Get on the radar of influential people
  • Naturally gather fresh and relevant material daily for articles, videos, podcasts, content, a book (??)
  • Make a dent in the universe (or at least in my universe)
  • Gain clarity about what I’m absolutely the best at in coaching and what I like most coaching around
  • Build a community of people who are ready to buy from me, or at least – ready to recommend my services to others
  • Become infinitely better at powerful communication and leadership
  • Eventually, employ others to help with this project
  • Create new and potentially powerful connections and alliances
  • Inspire other creators to do something similar of their own

If I have to be fully fully fully honest… I’m trusting that this project will completely change my own trajectory – and it will become a Rite of Passage for me personally.


Because I’ve never been inspired (at least not meaningfully) by goals related to money, things… even experiences. Never!

In retrospect, I’ve been inspired mainly by goals that stretched my abilities and self-limiting boundaries and beliefs (to get out of post-communist Bulgaria and immigrate into the US, to become one of the top natural bodybuilders in the world, to open a bakery as an entirely self-taught alternative baker, etc.).

But not about money or things.

(So many personal discoveries just in this initial phase of telling myself the truth!)

At the end of the day, this is a goal that’s scary, that will truly stretch me, that will require a single focus (something that I currently lack), it will train patience, humility, maturity, it will inspire new deep wisdom.

But, before everything else – it will save me from the feeling that I’m not really making a difference – and I’ll die with my gifts unexpressed.


In a huge way.


In a huge way, I sincerely believe.

I am stepping into this with the confidence that I am a great coach and guide (by way of repeated evidence from past and current coaching clients), and that I will no doubt help many unlock what’s blocking them from experiencing life in a completely new and powerful way.

But for that, I need your help to get this going!

(I believe it will then continue on its own from referrals after people experience powerful and current-paradigm-challenging coaching with me)


If this appeal resonates, please forward this message to your community or maybe to someone who you know absolutely must know about this right now.

Or someone who is an influencer and will be able to help get the word out in a bigger way (podcast host, blogger, someone with an audience of their own).

Of course, you are also invited to participate. I’d love to co-create with you personally.

Here’s the application page: https://ivannikolov.com/1000

. . .

(That’s it. It’s done. Universe help me now…)

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