This is exactly why you want to be different

A reminder about how deeply affected we are by the fear of rejection, the fear of not being accepted…

I recently had a coaching conversation with an amazing individual.

She said, “If I am different then they’ll judge me for being different, for not being like them.”

I said that’s exactly why you want to be different!

Let me explain…

  1. The real meaning of being “different” is choosing to be your True Self. It’s choosing not to be the same as others, choosing not to blend in, choosing to not be controlled by fear (of rejection)
  2. When you are “different” you are serving as a powerful reminder to others about who they can be, which they’ve merely forgotten ( when we were little children we all knew perfectly well who we were).
  3. When you are “different” you practically remind others of a choice they have – to be different – meaning their true selves – or to stay the same. They’ve forgotten that they have a choice.
  4. The last thing you want anyway is to be the same as them, to blend in… to be one of the almost 8 billion in the matrix who are doing all they can to avoid being different.
  5. Being “different” is incredibly inspiring for others – quite contrary to what most people feel (that it’s dangerous).
  6. Being “different” is incredibly liberating for those who give themselves permission to be different, to be unapologetically themselves. Once getting a taste of it, you can never go back into the matrix!
  7. Being “different” is truly liberating for the soul. Imagine a free by default soul, trapped in the “handcuffs” of a conditioned mind.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means but it’s a good reminder, I believe.

Anyways, she left the call feeling completely differently (feeling “different” and perhaps being “different”).

People are simply waiting and desperately (though unconsciously) asking for someone to hold a mirror in front of them for long enough until they can see their true selves.

And, maybe to encourage them just enough so that they can begin remembering again that they are – and were meant to be – different.

I’m curious, did any of what you read above resonate with you at any level?

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