Raw Thoughts on Humility

“Humility” has a certain somewhat negative stigma in contemporary society. In the mind of a person, it is usually linked to vulnerability and/or weakness.

The following are merely my own thoughts on this subject and they do not obligate any other person in any way.

Just my thoughts now – in this very moment.

Humility feels like and is an expression of…

  • Non-neediness to be right, and non-neediness to label ‘right’ or ‘wrong’
  • Unconditional self-acceptance
  • Unconditional acceptance of others, as well as their choices, regardless of whether it appears that their choices can lead to unfavorable consequences for the ‘other’ individual
  • Absolute and profound certainty in the uncertainty of what IS
  • Calm in the eye of the storm/life (as perceived)
  • Knowing what one knows and the knowing what one doesn’t know – and owning both. Being perfectly comfortable in the knowing of knowing and not-knowing, without the ‘need to know’
  • The energy of foreverness without the need for foreverness
  • The tranquility and calm of witnessing life as it is, not as it ‘should be’
  • Full and complete responsibility for one’s own destiny
  • Deep groundedness in one’s calling without the need for anything to happen “as it should”
  • Cognizance of the need of the ancient Ego to drive one to act and express from the space of lower energies. Calm, peaceful ability to quiet the ancient urges of the Ego, grounded in full acceptance, while gently steering ‘the kid’ out of trouble
  • Non-neediness to ‘kill’ the Ego, but rather to ‘heal’ the Ego in preparation for transcendence
  • Non-neediness to transcend anything
  • Non-neediness for Spirituality, but rather allowing and easing into it without the need for the label
  • Calm observation of what is without the need to change it, but within the confidence that one can
  • Understanding and fully appreciating the personal evolution of others
  • Not needing the spotlight, but not avoiding it for ‘virtuous’ reasons either
  • Being in service of oneself first and of others second – from a place of surrender to the evolution of the expansion of the spirit, not from an Ego-driven place or martyrdom
  • Non-resistance to the Human Condition
  • Non-resistance to receiving and giving
  • Non-attachment to particular outcomes
  • Non-attachment to and neediness of people, things, places
  • Non-need for labels, definitions, titles. Non-identification with such.
  • Being a vessel, a channel, a conduit, rather than a container
  • Non-rigidity, an openness of mind
  • Non-duality
  • Is-ness
  • Calm
  • Just being

These are just thoughts. Simply a snapshot of what I feel “humility” means to me right now.

This may change in the future or as early as later today (though I doubt that).

Also, this is like a North Star way of a being. I am not that.

I do not feel that I must become (allow for) that. Though, I do feel that it is right for me (whatever ‘right’ might mean) to be always facing in that direction.

~ Ivan

“Remember who you are. It’s time!”

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