The Default Human Universal Factory Settings

I believe that each one of us shows up in this physical experience with default Universal Factory settings that if put in a Universal User Manual would read…

“This spiritual being that’s now been invited to have a human experience comes fully equipped, capable of, ready, and absolutely deserving to experience the following:

– Massive success

– Abundance of health, wealth, deep connections

– Epic experiences- Love

– Flow

– Ease

Fair warning: This spiritual being is so capable by way of Universal Factory settings that it is fully equipped and capable of also *choosing* to experience the following:

– Acquired massive amnesia

– Profound delusion

Which can lead to the following experiences…

– Lack- Limitation

– Resistance

– Unease

– Loneliness

– Doubt

– Fear

This spiritual being is so well-programmed by Universal Factory settings that it can also – at any time and point in the journey – choose a path of gradual at first but later significant and then profound remembrance of the following Universal Factory settings:

“You are always Universally supported – ALWAYS

And, you will, by all means, succeed… in whatever you choose your guiding belief about yourself to be

And, by Universal account, you are already a wild success in whatever you are experiencing right now

Because that was your choice of guiding personal self-beliefs

And, by Universal Factory settings…

You can always make a different choice…

And, have an entirely different experience

If you choose to REMEMBER who and what you are by way of default Universal Factory settings

You are loved and supported.”

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