“Your life wants you to succeed”

“Your life wants you to succeed!”

These were the words that my Stardust woman whispered as my forehead was gently resting on hers.

I was sharing a wobbly moment with her.

A moment of uncertainty.

A moment of questioning things.

A moment when I experienced a lack of confidence in me, in my abilities to show up powerfully for both of us.

She continued…

“My life wants me to succeed”.

“Our lives want us to succeed”.

. . .

It’s interesting how it all works… We get so enrolled in the reality that we are experiencing and we forget that we are actually creating this reality.

And, our “enrollment” into what “my world is” story becomes so strong that we stop remembering the fact that we all came here pre-loaded with goodness.

We forget that we are infinitely more than we think we are.

I should know. I remind my clients this.

And, I forget.

(You know the saying “We teach what we need to learn the most”)

. . .

So, how about you re-connect to this deeper knowing

How about you re-member…

That your life wants you to succeed

That you were born for something bigger.

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