The Power of Commitment

Most people make weak promises to themselves and others. And they wonder why life isn’t working the way they want.

I want to point out why. I’ll keep this lean and to the point.

There are two ways to move towards any desired outcome in life:

  • From being INTERESTED
  • From being COMMITTED

The person who is INTERESTED…

  • Will give a WORD that’s weak
  • Will take action only if it’s convenient (it rarely is!)
  • Doesn’t trust their own word
  • Is a person who tiptoes through life
  • Is a person who says YES to almost everything and is typically afraid of saying NO
  • Doesn’t have clarity about what’s truly important to them (values, direction, vision)
  • Is scared of losing, failing, or making a mistake
  • Is scared of being taken advantage of
  • Loses confidence and self-esteem if they make a mistake (so they avoid that)
  • Keeps jumping from one area of “interest” to another
  • Almost never takes what they start to completion
  • Feels good about constantly trying new things
  • Is easily distracted by the next “shiny object”
  • Likes things when they are free (so there’s no skin in the game and so it doesn’t hurt much when they fail to follow through)
  • “Collects” things to do “one day when…”
  • Typically has FOMO
  • Is easily derailed or stopped when they experience their own Resistance
  • Has low confidence in their ability to achieve results in life

The person who is COMMITTED…

  • Will give a WORD that has the power of a LAW
  • Declares what they will do – and does it
  • Will take action regardless of whether it’s convenient or not (it rarely is)
  • Will move mountains in order to keep their word or to get to their outcome
  • Steps powerfully through life
  • Understands that failure is unavoidable and is a part of a successful creation of an outcome
  • Considers mistakes to be the price they pay for becoming better at something
  • Has confidence in themselves
  • Continuously strengthens their confidence by way of keeping their word and following through
  • Is clear about what they want in life
  • Says YES only to what’s aligned and easily says NO to what’s not aligned
  • Only enters agreements and projects they know they will give 110 percent of themselves to
  • Insists on having skin in the game (typically through a high financial commitment and/or a significant emotional, mental, or physical commitment)
  • Is NOT easily distracted / stay focused
  • Doesn’t participate in FOMO but rather practices JOMO (the Joy of Missing Out)
  • Uses their own Resistance to discover and overcome where they are still in limitation, fear, inadequacy, self-doubt
  • Has high confidence in their ability to achieve results in life

By the way, there’s nothing wrong with being INTERESTED – as long as the person understands the consequences and the prospects of living life that way.

Many of the COMMITTED people started as the INTERESTED type. But they had a very strong aversion to tiptoeing through life. They always knew that they are meant to live an epic life. So, they had to figure it out.

Eventually, they understood that the path is only one: abandoning what doesn’t serve, embracing CHANGE, stepping towards their fear and insecurities, and eventually becoming the person who is capable of holding a promise of that magnitude to themselves and others – a COMMITMENT.

They accepted The Power of Commitment as the only way of entering any energy exchange in life.

It became a way of living life.

Disclaimer: This is not a prescription. The text in this article is purely for entertainment purposes. For an approved prescription, please contact your board-certified life specialist. They are guaranteed to be always very interested in helping you achieve your goals.

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