A letter to the person who refuses to settle for anything less than living an extraordinary life


You will never arrive! Not at least until you make a decision that you already HAVE ARRIVED!

The BIGGEST DRAMA of the human being of today is this: Waiting to start living one day when…!

One day “when I have [whatever it is that you think you need before you give yourself permission to live life]!”

One day “when I am [whatever it is that you think you need to become before you feel that you deserve, that you are good enough to live an amazing life]!”

One day “when others [how you want others to change so that you start liking your world]!”

One day “when the world [how you want the world to change to fit your idea of a perfect world]!”

There is only ONE problem with wanting your reality to change so that you can give yourself permission to finally start living:

Your observed reality (people and circumstances) is a clear reflection of your inner reality.

In other words, in the world outside you will always “observe” the contents of your inner world.

That is why waiting for things on the outside to change so that you can feel better – so that you finally give yourself permission to fully live your life – is a project, doomed to fail by its very design.

And, because it simply CANNOT work that way, you end up trying, coercing life, fighting with life…

You end up in RESISTANCE to life.

And, what you resist persists.

And so there’s even more waiting and more… resisting.

All because “my life isn’t what it needs to be… it’s not how I want it to be”.

Here’s the news…


You will always find new things to want and need before you’ve even acknowledged the accomplishment of things you’ve previously wanted – and received.

You will never get there, you will NEVER ARRIVE. There’s no arrival… until you find a way to arrive now.

In the words of someone I deeply respect:

“You cannot have the life you want while resisting the life you now have.”

I don’t know how to communicate this message more effectively and more clearly!


And watch what becomes possible when you no longer “need” to get there and when you no longer need your world to change so that you start finally living your life.

Once you have arrived the world begins to change EFFORTLESSLY!

How is that? Remember, your reality is reflecting back to you your inner reality (with a bit of a lag time).

This is the whole process. Really! This is it!

You know… People come to me with their goals and visions, wants, and desires.

What happens next is a bit surprising and quite unexpected: we don’t touch any of those.

Instead, we focus on changing the “spectacles” through which they are experiencing the world. We delete the mental models of waiting, limitation, and resistance, and install new mental models of arrival now, of a deep knowing that there’s nowhere to get to. You’ve already arrived! Now, let’s go – not for the sake of arriving, but for the sake of going!”

A short time after that we look back to reflect, and many of the initial things have already happened. And far better things are showing up to be experienced – seemingly with no new action or effort!


Well… at this point action comes NOT from what you do but from who you are. You are no longer “doing” or “taking action”. You are “being” yourself.

Only when you ARRIVE first will you “observe” the contents of your outer world rearrange themselves to reflect what’s truly possible for you!

PS: If you are committed to living an Extraordinary Life, and you are ready to permanently re-write your mental scripts, which are informing your current “opinion” about how the world works – and thus still limiting you – reach out. Serious inquiries only. My fees start in the mid-four figures usd.

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