You can’t get your LIFE wrong!

By Ivan Nikolov

I used to think - and feel that way - like...

"Why is this happening to me?"

"Why is nothing going right?"

"This is one of these days where nothing goes right."

And, I did this for most of my adult life.

And, teachers were telling me "You can't get it wrong! You just can't get your life wrong."

And, at the time it sounded great - like something to believe it, like something that can help...

But, honestly, deep inside I didn't believe it.

Until, a cascade of events - one lead to the other, which lead to the other, and at the other end I didn't believe that...

I just can't get anything in my life wrong.

I embodied that.

It became a part of me.

And, now, these days I catch myself sharing this almost every day with others who are on the path to fearlessly stepping ahead into self-growth.

In all honesty, I still feel the pull of old inertia (old beliefs and conditioning) that wants to serve fear and unease coming from "This can't be right."

But, my being knows better.

And, I choose to stay with that.

It's easier, less resistance, less friction, less swimming upstream.

And, less standing in my own way.

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