The “I don’t know how” excuse

By Ivan Nikolov

More on the “I don’t know how” excuse (let’s call it what it is… and I fully own my share of using this excuse more times than I can even count!).

There are two types of “how-to”. 

The interesting thing is one of the how-to’s that we usually use as an excuse, as a way to procrastinate more, as a major form of resistance to our own success, leads to the other, bigger “how-to”.

And, most people pretend how to know the latter "how-to". 

Watch the short video above to find out the distinction between the two, and to find out if you are...

... possibly playing a victim in a very subtle way.

(In full honesty, this victim state still shows up in me once in a while before I catch it and give it a treatment! ?)

Next, post in the comments below what emotions did what I’m saying raise within your body?

Were you triggered? Did you discover ways that you are pretending not-to-know-how?

As always…

Remember who you are. It’s time!

Yours truly.

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