Give yourself permission to just be “YOU”!

By Ivan Nikolov

Imagine this...

You are in social settings and you feel the pressure to be, show-up, behave in a certain way.

Because, if you don't, people may start asking you what's going on. Why aren't you "your usual self" (whatever that may mean)?

So, let me be blunt and say that trying to be "consistent" in this context is a form of being inauthentic.

Why do you always have to fit people's idea (the image they've created in their heads) about you?

What would it take to just... be you... based entirely and solely on how you feel...


Yes, I know.

Again, it's the fear of rejection - yes, that's what it is. The fear of judgment.

Imagine for a second that you show up exactly how you feel you should be right now. What's the worst thing that may happen?

You are not going to die, right?

Because that's behind the fear of rejection - physical death.

So, now that we know that thinking you're going to die if you are just "you", let's drop that and let's...

...give ourselves permission to be consistent - but not with the image others have created in their heads about us, rather with how we feel deep on the inside right damn now!

So, stop trying to fit in.

Stop trying to please others.

Stop being agreeable all the time.

Stop fearing rejection.

And, start being


Can we try that?

At least until we get proof that it's totally okay

No, mandatory


. . .

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


Remember who you are. It's time!

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