5 Truths About Perfectionism

  • Perfectionism is a compensation mechanism for not-enoughness (I’m not good enough)
  • Perfectionism is a procrastination tactic
  • Perfectionism is fueled by fear (of judgment, rejection)
  • Perfectionism is an illusion (Nothing is static. Everything changes all the time. Therefore nothing can be perfect. It’s a physics law.)
  • Perfectionism keeps you playing small

Let’s get some things clear

At the bottom of all of it what you really, really, REALLY want is Freedom

to be as you desire to be, to do as you desire to do, to have what you desire to have (success, relationships, health).

The biggest reason why you don’t have what you really want is Fear.

One of the most common expressions of fear is Perfectionism.

So, if you really want to liberate yourself one of the things you must let go of is perfectionism.

How do you let go of perfectionism?

  1. Lessening the grip irrational fear has on you by way of shifting your current mental paradigms
  2. Elevated Awareness
  3. Commitment to a new level of Freedom

Simple – yes.

Easy – no.

But the price of not doing the inner work is way too big – an average life far below one’s true potential.

Curious, are you a perfectionist (extra points for true vulnerability and honesty)?

Which one (or more) of the 3 points above would you say you need some help with?

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