A BODY that is neglected limits the MIND – and the SPIRIT

By Ivan Nikolov

I believe that we all are here to expand in consciousness as we travel the ultimate journey back home.

In choosing the challenge to live a life in a 3D world, I believe that we also chose the level at which we play - the challenges along the 3D journey.

To be able to play the 3D game we had to select a BODY and a MIND (the word we use for the activity of our physical brain that is a part of the body it came with).

I believe that this living intelligent force (spirit, soul, higher self, God, Creation, call it what you want) is Unlimited.

In fact, it isn't only Unlimited - it just IS ("Unlimited" is a human term that defines and in an attempt to describe it, it limits it.)

The human BODY and MIND that we need in order to play the 3D game, on the other hand, are limited to the limits of the world of 3D - which, I believe, is close to unlimited but not quite. The Natural Laws ensure that.

So, ultimately, our BODIES and MINDS are the only potential limitation for the life force energy (Spirit) that animates each one of us.

I believe that a BODY that is neglected and thus not at its optimum health and fitness LIMITS the MIND - and as an extension the SPIRIT.

And, the way this happens is when the BODY is limited that creates a mental and emotional burden for the MIND.

The MIND becomes preoccupied with emotional energies like Shame, Embarrassment, Guilt, Unworthiness, Undeserving, Anger, Fear, Worry, Resentment, Doubt, Blame.

The consequence of that: the person suffers, those around them suffer - as they get to witness a much lesser version of them and experience their lower energies and the consequences of that.

On the BODY level, the price looks like Limited Mobility, Limited Energy, Strength, Stamina, Endurance, Limited Brain/Mental capacity. The consequence of this: the person ends up having to settle for a life that is much smaller and limited, compared to what it could be.

So, I believe that if we are to live a full life, if we are to fully expand in life force energy (Spirit), and if we are to fully express in unique Purpose it is absolutely imperative to...

No. 1: Restore the BODY to its full capacity by becoming healthy, fit, and functionally capable, so that...

No. 2: The MIND is freed from physical limitations AND all the mental capacity (which is limited every day) is devoted to all forms of EXPANSION rather than to lower emotional energies, like what I described above, which literally steals from what could be available for Expansion.

- Ivan

PS. If you are experiencing limitations in your BODY that are limiting your MIND, I may be able to help - I understand the body and the human psychology intimately.

Fill out this form and let's find out whether - and if - I can help.

If you don't see things that way, I probably won't be able to help. And, that's cool, too.

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