If you want to live life fully

By Ivan Nikolov

(Speaking to those who are not happy with where they are at with their Physical Body.)

If you want to live life fully you really have to appreciate, nurture, and take good care of your MIND and your SPIRIT (not in a religious sense - I mean that energy that animates you... and me.).

Ivan Nikolov

But, to work on your Mind - and your Life - when your Body is not working is really hard.

(Pretty much anyone I can think of who is successful AND fulfilled in life - is in great shape, too. Hmmm, interesting?)

I have to be honest: while I still have a lot of resistance and limitations that I'm working through - all Mind - at least I don't have to worry about the Body.

I can simply focus on my Mind and on honoring my Spirit - and on serving to the best of my ability.

When your body is not working and when you are out of shape (forget about the physical limitations, like low energy, lack of mobility, progressively worsening health) it takes so much of your mental capacity to live in a state of low-grade shame, guilt, and self-blame.

And, there's so little left of that mental capacity to be really dedicated to doing what you're called here to do - be there for your family - fully, serve the people you are here to serve, fulfill your purpose.

And, beyond the diminished mental capacity, there are the emotional problems that come from having your mind taken up by what's not working in your body and how you look in the mirror.

At the deepest core on a deep emotional level, you feel unworthy and undeserving to be loved and liked.

That's what it comes down to.

We all want one thing at the deepest core - someone else to care about us - to love us! That's it, really.

That's why we want money.

That's why we want status.

That's why we want to be in shape and to look good.

So, the way I see it, getting the body that you want and having it working how you want, and being healthy is just as important as wanting to have money, recognition, status, fame, success - they all give you what you really want - to be loved, to be liked, to be cared for.

(This is a natural survival mechanism. In the old times, if you were not liked and were not useful to the tribe you didn't have much chance to survive.)

I have to say that I'm blessed that even when I was in bad shape years ago I always knew that I can get things under control - I never had doubts about this.

But, for most people, that's not the case. They want to be in shape but they don't have the Mindset and the Beliefs to take them there.

And, the worst part - most people think that it's the diet and the training that's important. It's not that. That's only 10-20 percent of the whole deal (but, I'll talk about this more in another post or FB live).

Having a mentor who not only understands nutrition and how the human body works on an intimate level, but also understands human psychology can really shift things for you regardless of what your current deep beliefs are (I have bad genes, I always fail, My metabolism is working against me, I don't have the time, etc.).

So, if you recognize - if you can "see" - that being in good shape, healthy, and having your body working the way it should is a prerequisite to expanding your Mind and to allowing your Spirit to fully unfold into its purpose - GET YOUR BODY WORKING!

And, if you can't, if you've tried and failed, if your way hasn't been working so far - find someone who understands how this works - the BODY-MIND-SPIRIT connection - and work with them.

Because you haven't got much time really. The older you get the faster time goes (I'm seeing this in my own life experience)!

The question is: "When is NOW the right time to start living life fully?"

If you don't know, or you don't trust anybody that can help you get your body (and mindset) in shape, and your body working - schedule a free Discovery Call using the link below. I may be able to help.

Schedule a free Discovery Call

And, the reason I'm saying this is because I can't help everybody. But, I can help the committed individual who's sick and tired of not living life to its most exhilarating expression.

Yours truly.

(PS. This photo is from a few days ago when I completed 44 full revolutions around the sun and started my 45th.)

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