It’s Impossible to Be Fit in Your 40’s

By Ivan Nikolov

It’s very difficult to look awesome and be fit in your 40’s and 50’s!

If you believe that then that’s your truth.

If you CHOOSE to believe something else then that’s your truth.

And, whatever your truth (your subconscious belief) – that’s your reality, too!

Here’s why you might be believing that:

– You are over 40 and you are out of shape
– You’ve tried before to lose weight and get yourself in good shape and you’ve failed
– The doctor has told you that you shouldn’t be doing strenuous training (and, he is out of shape, too)
– The people you hang out with are NOT in great shape and they have the same beliefs
– Your RAS (reticular activating system) is set to look for and find all kinds of signs and evidence that it’s no longer possible for you to be in great shape
– You have been conditioned to believe a long time ago that you start aging in your 30’s and it’s normal to be out of energy, stamina, and out of shape when you are over 40
– You have health issues and believe that that’s it. You are done
– Your father was out of shape all his life
– You are conditioned to believe that it’s hard, you don’t have the genes, you have the wrong genes, you are too old, your metabolism is working against you, other limiting garbage like that

And, here’s how people like me think (and what they believe deep down in the core):

– Age is just a number
– I don’t have to age, give up my energy, lose my power, give up my musculature, gain fat
– Aging is a Mindset
– I can do it
– There are tens of thousands of examples of people out there who look and perform amazing and they are over 40, 50, etc. (I just have to open my Instagram and get as much evidence as I please)
– This doesn’t have to be hard – and it isn’t because I choose to experience it that way
– I have friends who look and perform amazing, they started over 40 and they inspire me
– I have friends my age who look 20 years older and perform that way because they’ve CHOSEN to
– I look at “Conventional wisdom” and do the opposite – conventional wisdom is what most people do (that’s why it’s called “conventional”) and I see their outcomes and results. I don’t want that
– I choose how I look, how I feel, how I perform, and for how long
– Very few doctors are athletes who understand the true needs of the human body (and its unlimited potential, for that matter)
– The medical system and the pharmaceutical business are working to enroll me in beliefs about my body and health – and that’s their goal and agenda. I choose not to be a part of that
– I refuse to be a victim and surrender my power. I refuse to believe that I can’t
– I choose to “write” my own destiny
– I defy common wisdom, I defy common belief, I defy convention, I defy gravity, too – BECAUSE I CHOOSE TO…

… and, age DOESN’T matter. It’s just a number on my driver license.

You get my point.



It’s ABOUT WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN! Because, that’s your TRUTH!

And, that ends up being your REALITY, too!

(By the way, this is true for anything in your life in any area of your life.)

The bottom line is this:

If you want to look great, be healthy, fit, have tons of energy, and perform at peak levels you’ve got to shift your mind first.

Because without that nothing else matter. And, if you force it you’ll get temporary results and a lot of disappointment on top of new negative evidence to support your negative beliefs about what’s possible (or rather not possible) for you.

To shift your beliefs you will need the help of someone who:

– Has these beliefs that you want to adopt
– Has the results you want
– Understands human psychology

There are a few people out there who are all of those 3… and, I am one of them.

If you are not where you know you could be in your health, fitness, performance, looks, confidence, energy and stamina, and DEEP down you don’t even believe that it’s possible for you I may be able to help.

Traits I am looking for in the people I can help: coachability, decisiveness, commitment to results, open mind to new possibilities and frontiers.

If that describes you Private message me.

If not, I hope this was an entertaining read.

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