I Am The Best In The World!

By Ivan Nikolov


This is going to be a difficult post for me… because I don’t like making it about me… but I’ll have to in this one… (and then I’ll meditate for a day… or a week)…

I am THE BEST in the WORLD in helping people reclaim – AND KEEP long-term – their health, energy, functional (practical, usable) physical fitness, confidence, power.

There’s nobody else like me in the entire world, and here’s why:

I’ve been fat and have lost 70 lbs before – I’ve been there myself

I’ve been lean and in great shape for 10 years now – and I have the “fat” gene

I’ve gained and lost weight many times before. I became masterful at both gaining fat and at losing fat

I then became masterful at losing fat and keeping the fat levels low long-term

I then became masterful at functional movement (though I will always consider myself a beginner student knowing how far I can go in mastering the body)

I understand nutrition on a deep level (I had my own healthy bakery and even won a prize for health food development)

I understand how the human body works on an intimate level

I have won competitions and have placed 3rd in the world in my weight class in Natural Bodybuilding

I’ve been in the body mastery arena for 29+ years now (more than many fitness trainers have been around for)

I’ve done 100’s of thousands of reps in a traditional gym and 100’s of thousands of reps bodyweight functional training – using the body the way it was meant to be used

I’m 43 now and I look better than I looked when I was 23, I perform far better, too

I practice what I teach and it’s a lifestyle, I prove every single day that it just works

I’ve helped clients lose weight on three continents

I don’t go online to read what others do and come out and present that as my own program. I experimented with my own body and mind over decades – and discovered what truly works. I made a lot of mistakes. I kept only what works

I always show up. I’m always there. I always stay. I never cancel.

I give myself away. I support my clients until they succeed and make their dream a reality (always to the degree they are willing to show up for themselves and put in the work, of course – I can’t want someone’s dream more than they want it)

I understand Mindset much better than anyone else in this field (every shift, including in the body, starts in the Mind)

I understand human psychology

I provide an unparalleled level of accountability and support to the amazing people I have the privilege to help guide in their body (and mind) transformation

I understand and honor the deep connection between body (temple) and mind

I walk the talk every damn day (and today I talk the walk, too)

And, here’s the real drama…

None of these are actually very important. This is what’s truly important:

It’s not the thing that I’m doing and teaching. It’s the way I’m doing it (from the heart), and it’s the ME doing it!

And, there’s only one like me IN THE WORLD.

I help those rare individuals who want to step on the path to BODY and MIND mastery.

Everyone else goes to the local gym trainer (and many pick the cheapest, not the best)


They keep insisting on doing it “their way” which is not working (and they keep repeating the past)


It’s “someday”, or “tomorrow” (and neither one of those is on the calendar), or “when the time is right” (the time is never right).

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